MakeitApp is paying for or makes free 10 of its App on the occasion of BlackFriday


Published on Nov 25, 2016


It's BlackFriday and also several developers in the App Store have decided to participate, serving their applications. In this article we will talk about Makeitapp which will keep the discounts on 10 applications up to November 28:

Numix - The puzzle of numbers, and sommeMia srlGratuitiIl puzzle game that has thrilled players all over the world, and that is close to his second world tournament. The app is free and the Premium version of Numix is discounted at 70%: no advertising and the automatic sum entered. Especially: all the features of the future fee will be already included! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.7.1 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

myVeg&Fruit | the App to manage your garden to meglioMia srlGratuitiL'app dedicated to the care of the garden. You have the rosemary on the balcony or the pumpkins in the garden, myVeg&Fruit will tell you exactly what to do to keep them in your life. The app is free and the Premium version of myVeg&Fruit is discounted by 75%: add all the plants you want to favorites, delete the advertisements and enable the advanced research at a price stracciatissimo!CategoriaUtilityVersione1.0.1 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

Bubble Magic WorldMia srlGratuitiQuegli blue eyes are irresistible and all – many – characters that inhabit the Magic World they have these huge blue eyes and they need your help. Must be freed from a spell that accidentally trapped them in bubbles. Free download Bubble Magic World and you will find the Package Magic Extra Large 75% off for even more fun!CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.3 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

Pirates - The adventure on the island of tesoroMia srl2,99 €The adventure on treasure island! Which character will you choose for this adventure? The pirates is the book-game enclosed inside an app. Every game will be a new adventure to unknown places in search of treasure. The Premium version of the Pirates is discounted 80%: infinite lives and no annoying advertisements, to finding new routes up to the hidden treasure on the island. Download the app for free and... here we come!CategoriaGiochiVersione1.1SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

Help Now - please send your request to aid in the easy way and get soccorsoMia srl0,99 €for The app that can not miss on your smartphone, but you hope to not have to use ever. Choose 10 contacts and save them in the app. At the time of need, in an emergency situation, press the Help button and the app will send automatically a request for help with your geographical coordinates to your favorite contacts, and to Help Now Angels that are in the vicinity. Download the app for Free only from Black Friday to Cyber Monday saving 0,99€!CategoriaUtilityVersione1.0.3 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

Is my Medicine | Research the equivalent of your medication when you are in viaggioMia srlGratuitiLe diseases of the traveler will not be a problem. Nothing additional bag for your next trip-just your smartphone thanks to this app, it will tell you the amount of your medication from your tour abroad. So if you are looking for aspirin, you simply have to type the name in the app, which is the country where you are and here is the thai name of the medicine. The Premium version includes all the countries and you can find it at 75% off!CategoriaSalute and benessereVersione1.4SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

Remember to Drink | The reminder to drink the proper amount of water all the giorniMia srlGratuitiTi present to you the nice drop that will take care of you. And’ essential to drink the right amount of water every day, but what is it? Based on the parameters you enter, the droplet will tell you how much water to drink, and will warn you when you have to do it. But without being intrusive: sets notifications during the hours you are more comfortable and with the Premium version discounted for Black Friday, modify the drinking of the past days and delete the advertising!CategoriaSalute and benessereVersione1.1.2 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

Traffic Autostrade Italia | Information on queues, incidents, travel macchinaMia srlGratuitiPonte of the Immaculate conception and Christmas holidays are always the great obstacle of the winter holidays. Checks to see if the highway has some hindrance or help other users by entering your message about traffic or other unforeseen events. With just a few cents you can take home the Premium version of the app, to never see the advertising. Download the free app and buy the Pro version to a few cents!CategoriaViaggiVersione1.6.2 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

myPlants | How to manage your garden with a reminder of the custom to not forget your pianteMia srlGratuitiIl secret to not kill the plants on the balcony it's called myPlants. This application allows you to save and rename all of the plants that you have in the house, set up notifications on a seasonal basis, as suggested by the app, and finally the grass will not be greener on your own. Many cards, photos, a chat room to exchange tips with other users and much more. myPlants Premium is downloadable from the App Store at 75% discount only for a few days! CategoriaUtilityVersione2.0.3 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad

Do not forget your pills | do Not forget the medicinaMia srlGratuitiIl name says it all. Are your vitamins or medicine that you have to take all day. Whether for yourself or for a relative that you care for. Which are the vitamins of the children who forget always or for work, with this app forget of medicines will be impossible. Download the app for free and buy the Premium version for few cents!CategoriaMedicinaVersione2.3.6 SviluppatoreMakeItAppDispositivoiphone and iPad




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