Mahmood on Sunday: “I did Not realize you have won”


Published on Feb 10, 2019


Mahmood opens the episode ON Sunday 10 February 2019. The winner of the Sanremo Festival enters first in the study of sanremo On Sunday welcomed with arms open by aunt Mara, who he had met in the previous installments of the program of Rai 1. The host welcomes him with smiles and hugs, asking him one thing: “do Not change, remain as you are.”

Here are the words of Mahmood in the episode ON Sunday

“I slept only an hour last night. It was really amazing what happened. For me, it was a victory to be here, it was unthinkable victory. They are really, really happy to be here and to have won. I never would have imagined. My mom was with me here, I embraced it in the closet and just learned of the victory, but we said that we feel after all this is finished.”

Alberto Dandolo immediately takes the word and thanks Mahmood for always being “nice to the journalists unlike other fellow” ( referring clearly to the Last). Mahmood comments with these words:

“It is not easy for us, we are young, it can happen to say the wrong thing. You have to understand that there is great tension.”

Matano Tg1, asks Mahmood, how do you live with the responsibility of making music. “For me it is a job but a passion. I want to send an authentic message. I do not write this out of boredom, just to write, but I do if there is something to say. I rely, therefore, on this reasoning, hoping to the people.“

When he had the perception that he could win? “To tell you the truth, I don't have it even now. I have made even the account,” commented the winner of Sanremo 2019.

And then the criticism of Enzo Miccio for her look: don't go to Sanremo with a short sleeve shirt! The time closes with a performance and Money and the compliments of Mara Venier.

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