Mahmood is the winner of Sanremo 2019


Published on Feb 10, 2019


In spite of the many bigs in the race, triumphed in one of the two competitors fished from Sanremo Giovani. No, we are not referring to Einar but Mahmood: singer italo-egyptian has made us dance around the the Ariston Theater, with her single “Money”. And to triumph the guy was not of course the televoting, where Mahmood was crushed by the other two avversarsi in the final three...

As has been demonstrated by the graphic summary that appeared on the screen immediately after the announcement of the winner, it was discovered that Mahmood had not the slightest convinced the public at home: only 14.1% of the votes, cheering for his victory. The Flight – second place – have raggranellato a well more substantial 39.4 percent of the votes against the Last in the televoting has broken with 46.5%.

Of course, this ranking does not take into account the vote of the jury of honour and the mark of the Press Room-which, evidently, have overturned the result as Alessandro Borghese in a bet of 4 Restaurants.

During the closing press conference, Mahmood (fresh winner of Sanremo 2019) took a counterattack the questions of the journalists, who asked him to comment on the controversy over migrants triggered by Claudio Baglioni: “Well, look, I am actually since I'm an Italian guy, born and raised in Milan, I do not feel pulled in because in this theme. I am in my song, I simply put a sentence in Arabic but because it is a memory of my childhood since I was born from a mother and sardinian father egyptian. However, they are 100% Italian“.

Always in the press conference he confirmed his presence at the Eurovision 2019: “Avoja! But you're a mess’?!” he exclaimed in front of the direct question posed by the journalist of the Corriere di Bologna Eddy Anselmi.

A person who dedicates his victory? To his mother, and his record producers.

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