Magic: The Gathering, we introduce to You the new expansion Ixalan


Published on Sep 29, 2017


Released today a new set of Magic: The Gathering, set in the new and wild plan Ixalan. 279 new cards, which will bring many innovations (and some return) for the trading card game the most famous in the world!

Passed the weekend of the Prerelease, where for the first time ever, players have been able to field test the new cards, is now available in all the shops Ixalan, a brand-new expansion of Magic: The Gathering, which inaugurated the block set on the plane of the same name. A wild world, inhabited by creatures of every kind, from vampires to the newts, through to the dinosaurs and hordes of pirates ready to go boarding!

After the defeat in the battle with Nicol Bolas during the Era of the Ruin on Amonkhet, Jace finds himself confused and without memory, on a beach, in a plan that is completely unknown. In the meantime, the brave Huatli, indigenous Ixalan, he was discovered to be a Planeswalker and started looking for the lost golden city of Orazca.

Inside is hidden the precious Sun Immortal, desired by all factions of the plan and the powerful Planeswalker Angrath, convinced that it could be the key to escape from Ixalan.

With 279 cards Ixalan are indeed a lot of the innovations that are introduced in the Magic: the Gathering! Starting, obviously, by the two abilities that for the first time, players will be able to use on the field of battle: the Rage, with which the Dinosaurs will be able to respond to every attack immediately, and Explore, that will allow you to add a new ground to the hand or strengthen your own creatures.

Other great novelties are the Treasures, checkers special that can be created in many different ways, from sacrificing to build up their stocks of mana. Return finally, the double-faced cards with many lands special that will be essential in a lot of matches, and the skill to Raid, that give you the edge over the Pirates for Ixalan!

The season of Magic: The Gathering will continue after the launch of Ixalan, with many events in store that will offer many different ways to play for every type of player. The first to be launched will be the Alloy Ixalan, an event of four weeks, characterized by rapid games with decks of 30 cards, where the casual player will be able to decide how and against whom to play.

The more fans, the experts of the format and Standard of deckbuilding, they can compete in the Standard Showdown, a tournament of eight weeks that will reward participants with bags exclusive with cards rare and very strong. With Ixalan, also officially begin the Store Championship on 30 and 31 December shall declare the champion of each shop, with exclusive prizes and promo cards, full-art for each participant!

Information about Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is the best strategy game in the world, with over 20 million players and fans since 1993. In this innovative card game, players build their own decks using cards you collect from booster packs and trade with their friends.

Magic is more than a game of cards, and offers a real gaming experience to its community of fans, thanks to event in person and find social more than 7000 stores, and libraries around the world.

Magic: The Gathering, we introduce to You the new expansion Ixalan is




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