Magic: The Gathering – the new set Distinguish celebrates the 25th anniversary


Published on Apr 27, 2018


Magic: The Gathering strategy game, created in 1993 by mathematician Richard Garfield, is celebrating its 25th birthday and its exceptional community. Fantastical illustrations, an exciting story, mechanical, innovative, and fun without time are just some of the features that have made you passionate about the tens of millions of players in over 50 Countries in this legendary game of cards.

In 25 years, there have been printed more than 20 billion cards: if put in a row, would form a column of 1.7 million kilometres, which is equivalent to about 45 laps of the world! Stacked, they would reach 6 million meters of height, i.e. 691 times the height of Mount Everest. These amazing numbers have inspired a heartfelt and romantic return to the original plan of Magic. The set released today, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary, will bring back the players in the universe where it all began: Distinguish.

Magic: The Gathering is the progenitor of the genre of card games and strategic, where it is recreated a battle between wizards that deploy creatures, spells and sorceries on the battlefield to defeat the opponent. Themes, the fantasy of the game and the overwhelming force of the community have led to the creation of a solid structure of organized play, with national and international tournaments to play of increasing difficulty until you get to the World Magic Cup – a global event followed by thousands of fans, ready to cheer for their favorite Player or your National.

The long-awaited release of Distinguish is a confirmation of what the setting has always been a key factor in Magic: the Gathering, serving as both a source of inspiration to tie together the papers, both as a fun way to involve the players, through the story and the illustrations.

The game is set in a great multiverse, many-worlds fantasy called Plans: only the Planeswalkers, creatures that are more powerful, have the ability to move through them. Distinguish is the largest and the most important Plane in the history, being the center of the multiverse and the birth place of the legendary heroes and mages the most important that has ever existed. The fans of old have been waiting for years for a return to Distinguish and have demonstrated, for the umpteenth time, showing up in mass to Magic Open House, and the Prerelease events.

Distinguish is available officially starting today and the coming days will be organized a special Draft Weekend in more than 7,000 stores around the world. Then take the League to Distinguish, an event that will last four weeks and will offer fans the opportunity to play to improve their deck round after round, week after week.

Magic: The Gathering – the new set Distinguish celebrates the 25th anniversary of




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