Magic Press publishes Xerxes, the prequel to Frank Miller's 300

Published on Apr 23, 2018

The publisher Magic Press has announced that it will release Xerxes, the prequel comic to the smash 300 created by Frank Miller.

Return to the dark atmospheres of 300, will return to fight in this dazzling historical epic, told with the stretch of dirt and the unmistakable Miller, to instil in scenes of battle, in the movements and eyes of his characters, a tension and a depth unparalleled.

Xerxes will be a mini-series divided into 5 parts, format, stapled, and color, that will see the publication starting in may 2018 on a monthly basis.

However, the first issue of the miniseries, called Xerxes: the fall of The house of Darius and the rise of Alexander, will be presented in preview to the next Napoli Comicon (28 April-1 may), where will be present as guest of honour, Frank Miller in person!

Waiting for you to come back to enjoy the epic and bloody battles, here is a short synopsis of the first issue.

Xerxes, the disturbing and wicked Persian emperor, extraordinary antagonist of Leonidas and his spartans, returns as the protagonist in this work, which brings us to the majestic sceneries of 300. The sovereign of persia, who in the fifth century before Christ, had created an empire in the vast, decided to gather the most powerful army ever to invade Greece and avenge the defeat of his father Darius. Xerxes is not only a sovereign, is a god. But another sovereign and “another god” is going to appear on the stage of history: Alexander the Great. The clash between two irreconcilable worlds is, therefore, to re-ignite!

Let us know via a comment below what you think of Xerxes, and even if you are fervently awaiting to read it!

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