Magic Maze – It's time to raid the supermarkets... in total silence!

Published on Apr 05, 2017

Magic Maze – Review

Four adventurers, stripped of their belongings, are forced to rob the local supermarket, the Magic Maze, all of the equipment needed for the next adventure; they wanted to plan together for the theft and then put it in place in the most absolute silence.

This is the particularity of the Magic Maze, Kasper Lapp and produced by Sit Down!, published in Italy by Ghenos Games: players may not speak while the characters move.

Each of them can be moved by any player, which has a certain type of moves and actions that move the characters, different from those of his companions: one of these, for example, is “move to North”. Written so it seems complicated but in reality is very easy and fun. We open in the meantime, the box...

The box is very oversized for what is inside, with half the space we'd all been without problems, but apart from this we find:

The impact with the material is really good: thick cardboard, and wood give immediately a good feeling. The graphics are very interesting: take a few minutes to figure out what to sell the stores within the supermarket. To do a couple of examples I found the the local The Bloodies, where the vampires can take their favorite drink, or the Axe Shop, the Shop preferred by the dwarves. Then there is the kids club, toilet, etc... in short, everything that you find in a modern mall is well made graphically on the cards.

The rules are well written and elucidated by many practical examples.

The longevity is excellent. For the different actions is because the game you learn in the different scenarios and more and more difficult, with rules and powers that are added to a scenario at a time.

Based on the number of players, which vary from 1 to 8, you deploy an equal number of tiles in Action (identified by the number in the bottom right) and put the card in the supermarket initial, number 1, in the center of the table with the four pawns Hero. The weaving Action must be oriented as the tile supermarket.

You choose the scenario and take the tiles supermarket indicated. Complete the setup the pawn you Do Something, the tokens Out of Service, the hourglass, and the card Theft.

You can talk until you begin to move the pieces Hero: from that moment to be silent and the game begins! There is no turn, all playing at the same time moving a pawn according to the action of the card in your possession.

The aim of the game is to be able to steal objects that serve to our characters and to escape from the Magic Maze before the time runs out. Throughout the game, the skills of the characters, objects, and the outputs are related to the color of the checkers Hero (yellow for the barbarian, orange for the nano, green for the elf, and purple for the mage).

There are three special actions in addition to the four canonical move in the four cardinal points:

Use a vortex allows you to quickly move between the various areas of the supermarket (always according to the rule of color matching), take the escalators is self explanatory, while exploring allows you to add more tiles of the supermarket to the ones already revealed.

Once all the pawns Hero are on the corresponding object (the sword of the barbarian, axe for the dwarf, the arc for the elf's potion to the magician) begins the phase of flight. You turn the card Theft, but the network of the vortices no longer works, and you have to get your checkers towards the exit.

Do everything in the three minutes of the hourglass is practically impossible and to help the heroes, there are scattered in the supermarket of the symbols “hourglass”. Once a pawn a Hero is placed above, you have to turn the hourglass. So pay attention to do this action at the right time. Also this is the moment where you can again talk with your teammates to reorder the ideas, but please hurry because time goes on and as you talk, you can't move the pieces.

Put a marker Out on the hourglass used (can use it) and just touch a pawn to start the game!

And the pawn to Do Something? It is the only method that you to communicate with your companions, put it in front of one of them to scream at him to make him understand that “must do something”!

Then there are other rules in the game, which, however, are introduced to scenario to scenario and I prefer not to talk about it to not spoil the surprise. Of course, make the game increasingly difficult... and more fun!

Don't expect a game busting, mind-bending, Magic Maze is a filler really fun and should remain so; quick to explain and play, and long-lived thanks to a variety of scenarios, with an interaction that is very high and a downtime equal to zero.

Suitable for beginners, you can play with them also in the library in the breaks of the studio! It is also ideal for a late evening after a nice wild boar. Here, I see it as a digestive quality for experienced players.

Also like the children, play with parents in a cooperative is very stimulating and satisfying for them, because they are to help dad and mom to do something, and the shared victory is a source of great joy. As to age, the box suggests ages 8 and up (and I would say that there we are), even if the children are struggling to keep an eye on all the elements that intersect in the game (time, actions, colours) and maybe you secure on to do a thing, perhaps forgetting that the hourglass does not give a chance. Often my son wants us to play simply for “training”...

In my opinion it is a great product in the branch of the filler, the idea is new, fresh and outside the box, give it a chance... you won't regret it!

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