Magi – Adventure of Sinbad, announced the last story arc


Published on Feb 07, 2018


On 28 February 2018 will make its debut on the application of manga digital MangaOne of Shogakukan the story arc that concludes the series Magi – Adventure of Sinbad Shinobu Ohtaka (history) and Yoshifumi Ohtera (drawings), prequel to the fortunato Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic that the teacher Ohtaka concluded in October 2017.

The serialization of this saga the final, which will link the adventures of Sinbad the adventures of Aladdin, will be every fortnight instead of weekly.

The arc final de Magi – Sinbad no Bôken, here permettra de relier la série à Magi, débutera le 28 février sur the application Mangaone. Pour cet arc final, la série ne sera plus publiée de façon hebdomadaire. Elle evening bimensuelle. cc @KuroTweet

— Manga Mag In Japan (@MangaMagJapon) February 6, 2018

Magi - Adventure of Sinbad is in the process of serialization from 8 May 2013 and currently consists of 16 volumes; the volume 17 is scheduled for February 19, 2018.

As well as Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic, Magi - Adventure of Sinbad is also published in Italian by Editions Star Comics (12 albi so far):

“Prequel to the very popular series Magi, this is the story of magic and adventure that tells the life story of a boy destined to become king... not only of a country but also of the Seven Seas! It all begins in the kingdom of Partebia, the home of the young protagonist Sinbad...
During the war between the Empire of Rehm and Partebia, to which the army belongs to the father of Sindbad, a mysterious phenomenon that attracts the attention of the soldiers, the appearance of the dungeon Ball. Many decide to enter the portal, pushed by the voices on the immense riches and powers that you can acquire inside, but no one seems to come back...”

Magi – Adventure of Sinbad, announced the last story arc is




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