Madonna in the storm: the birthday party without a mask


Published on May 05, 2020


Madonna in the blizzard to have attended a birthday party in the United States without the use of the mask imposed by the restrictive rules in order to contain the coronavirus. All this, among other things, after the Queen of pop has confessed publicly that they have contracted the Covid-19.

The legend of pop was in quarantine in the United Kingdom, but the party to which it has participated to the birthday of her dear friend, photographer Steven Klein has been to Bridgehampton, in the state of New York. Atlantic flight to Lady Ciccone, therefore, not really the best thing suitable for who should stay in isolation.

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The birthday party was held in the breeding of horses of Klein and no one present at the party was wearing of masks or other protective elements. The party was also broadcast in streaming on the app for video chat Zoom. The participation of Lady Ciccone has been thrilling present, its die-hard fans that have held back the emotion.

The photographer celebrated appreciated very much the intervention of his illustrious friend, so much so that on his profile on Instagram has posted a photo that shows them together with the caption: “Some things stay around for eternity ......... “.

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