MacOS Mojave gives us a taste of Marzipan, which will bring the app to iOS on the computer


Published on Oct 03, 2018


With macOS, Mojave, Apple is by giving you a small taste of the project Marzipan. Starting next year, we will be able to enjoy its fruits.

The idea of Marzipan is that of cross-platform, or bring the applications made for iOS to the Mac. The two operating systems, in fact, share a basic framework is very similar and Apple is working to bring in the macOS, all those resources that are missing and only available on iOS.

In this way, applications developed for the iPhone and iPad will also work on the computer, taking advantage of the mouse and trackpad in addition to the windows resizable, scrollbars, copy and paste, and other features typical of the computer.

In the Mojave there is a small taste of everything this is because the application Bag, Voice Memos, Home and Apple News are exactly the ones of iOS, readjusted in key desktop.

Essentially, the AppKit is that of iOS, then this is combined with the UIKit and as a end result you get an app for macOS.

By example the application Home. On iOS, we find 3 tabs in the lower part, which on the Mac are all elements of the top menu.

The key to the form of the house is equally placed on the bar top and in the center we find the actual content, expanded and better suited to the dimensions of a desktop window. The 3D Touch is made with a click with the right button of the mouse which will bring up a menu with the available actions.

It will be really interesting to discover the new features of the WWDC 2019 because you will be given the possibility to the developers to do exactly the same thing. Your favorite apps of iOS could also finish on the computer, but Apple is keen to stress that the two operating systems will remain distinct and will not be a full merger. Consequently not all the app can be readjusted in this way, and probably no game. We'll see!

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