MacOS Catalina beta 3 adds a new screen saver


Published on Jul 04, 2019


macOS Catalina beta 3 adds a new screen saver

Apple does not change very often the selection of the screen saver in macOS, but in the latest beta of macOS Catalina there is a surprise: a new screensaver called Drift.

The screensaver depicts the trails bright multi-color 3D, with every particle that moves by creating a wave-like motion, moreover, Drift is rendered by the GPU, and offers different color options.

You can choose between a variety of colors, including the colors based on the background of the desktop, as well as “Space Gray“, “Silver” and the rainbow “Spectrum“.

New screensaver (with colour options) in Catalina B3.

— J Bank (@jeremybank) July 4, 2019





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