MacOS 10.15 Catalina: All the News in a single article in a continuous update (16)


Published on Jun 06, 2019


macOS 10.15 Catalina: All the News in a single article in a continuous update (16)

After seeing the innovations introduced by iOS 13, now we come to the counterpart computer. Apple has announced that macOS 10.15 Catalina. As usual, we decided to create this article to do so that all users can get familiar with the News, arriving in September already prepared. The article will become quite long and will contain dozens of screenshots. Will be constantly updating so you'll have to return to it from time to time because we will add other functions to the list. Keep as a reference the number that you find inside of the title.

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A new panel of system preferences. Is removed the breakdown in the classic 4 files. Now in the upper part trovaremo the settings related to the Apple ID with access to account settings, and those sharing in the family. Changes to level the chart icon in the “Users and Groups”.

By accessing the entry in the Apple Account, we will access a panel with all the settings of the Apple ID and iCloud, as well as on iOS and iPadOS. The graphics are very similar to what we find on the iPhone and iPad, we will have a panel on the left with the options of: “Overview”, “Name, Phone, Email”, “Password and security” and “Payment and Shipping”, immediately below we find: “iCloud” and “media Files and purchases”.

From the same screen, we will have the poassibilità to verify all the settings and the selection of information that we want to synchronize with iCloud, we can check the available space and manage it and see the list of devices where you have authorized your Apple iD.

In the panel of the General, on the “Appearance” find the new “Auto” option that will allow the system to set the hue light or dark, depending on the time of day.

Also comes on the macOS the feature introduced last year on iOS, or Times of Use. The function reflects the same features that are on iOS.

Adios iTunes. How are we going to synchronize our iPhone and iPad without iTunes? Simple, the solution is the Finder. When connect iPhone and iPad to our Mac with macOS 10.15 it will be possible to use the same sync features that we had with iTunes via the Finder. Will appear the name of our device in the category of “Positions” and be able to do backups, restores, updates, and synchronization, all as on iTunes.

The part that was managed in iTunes on the Music he now lives a life of its own. The new Music application is very simple and intuitive. Presents in the lower left are the various items: For yourself, Browse, and Radio for those who have Apple Music. Immediately after are the various categories that organize the music stored physically on our Mac (which will be inherited by iTunes during the update).

As for the Music app on iOS 13, it is possible to see the text of the song that is playing by clicking on the icon in the top right. You can also see the queue of songs and manage the AirPlay devices 2 and music management, as well as to iTunes.

The second app that was born from the ashes of iTunes is Podcast. Also in this case we find an application is really simple and intuitive. We find the classic bar on the left where you will find the various options.

We find first of all the panel Listen to me Now, where will be present the list of podcasts to which we are members. The tab Discover, instead, we let you know about a new podcast, divided by argument. Finally, on the Rankings it will be possible to see the rankings of the podcast the most listened to.

Last, but not least is the Apple TV. The third application that makes up the trio that inherit the functionality of iTunes. In this case we have a graphic that is slightly different, in the top bar of the app there are three tabs: Watch now, Movie, Library.

Find the tab: Look now and the Films that reflect the screens that we also find on the Apple TV, we will be able to purchase or rent movies, as it was already on iTunes, but with a new updated graphics. In the Library tab back to the left bar where you can browse through the library of Movies that we have purchased or rented.

One of the new applications available in the macOS is Located. Is the new unified service that collects ex-Find my Friends and Find my iPhone. It will locate the contacts who will agree to share their location in addition to the devices where it is inserted the account of iCloud.

Also in this case we are faced with a screen simple. You just have to select in the selector at the top between “People” and “Devices” on the basis of what we are interested in locating. In the tab “Devices” you can see the position of our devices.

By selecting one of the devices you will be able to choose if: you make It sound, Enable lost mode, and finally get the directions to reach the place.

As on iOS 13 the Photos app on macOS 10.15 undergoes a redesign in the view of the photos. As on iOS, we find the selector in the top that allows us to select between: Years, Months, Days, and All the photos.

We find the new view that is to occupy the central part of the window. In the tab Days you can see the picture with a larger size compared to the previous display.

Also Reminders is completely renewed. Change your look and, above all, adds smart functions that will facilitate the use of the app.

Also here it will be possible to enrich the reminder by setting the day of the event, the time in which it must happen, and a place that can coincide with an exact location, or when we go down or go up from the machine, very useful when it is necessary to remember necessarily something.

The operation of the app Notes remains unchanged, but added a few features that will enrich its use.

First was adding the ability to view the notes in a different format. A new icon will also allow you to only view all the content of the notes based on the attachment type.

Safari is much lighter and more fluid at first sight. How to on iOS has been introduced the support to the Suggestions of Siri. Siri will suggest web sites based on the location from which you use the app, like Messages, Mail, and News.

One of the most large of macOS 10.15 in combined with iPadOS 13 is the ability to use the iPad as a second screen of a Mac. The use of this function will return useful to those with a need to work with multiple monitors on mobility




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