Lupin III – The Lie of Fujiko, the new promo video and the plot of the film


Published on Apr 12, 2019


TMS Entertainment has released a new promotional video for Lupin III – The Lie of Fujiko Mine (Lupin III – Mine Fujiko no Use), animated film, dedicated to the famous female character of the series that will be released in japanese cinemas on 31 May 2019.

In the video, there are two new characters, Gene – sick boy to the heart, and Bincam – a killer on the trail of the Gene:

In the movie He is on the run with Gene, only to know where her father has hidden the $ 500 million removed from the company Godfrey Mining to be able to operate at the heart of the sick child. The two are chased by the Bincam, a killer able to manipulate the hearts of the people.

Lupin III – Mine Fujiko no Use is directed by Takeshi Koike, the director known for Redline that Lupin III has already characterized graphically in the tv series spin-off, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, and directed the previous two films of the series — Lupin III, The Tomb of Daisuke Jigen for the 2014 Lupin III: Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon in 2017.

The screenplay is signed by Yuuya Takahashi, former writer of the two previous films and the tv series of 2015 Lupin III The Italian Adventure.

Source: ANN

Lupin III – The Lie of Fujiko, the new promo video and the plot of the movie is




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