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Published on Feb 19, 2020


Blessed by Monkey Punch, the dad, Lupin, before he died, Lupin III – The First opens the way to a new course for the gentleman thief: under the direction of Takashi Yamazaki's " Stand By Me Doraemon, Dragon Quest – Your Story) the film presents the adventures of the beloved characters in 3D, in a new, modern and exquisite graphics.

In Italian cinemas, thanks to the brand of Koch Media, Anime Factory, Lupin III – The First to be released on 27 February promises to bring adventure, action, intrigue and sympathy in a way that is innovative while remaining faithful to the style of the characters, by now historical, attracting the older generations of fans and new.


Lupin III has never been a thief in the trivial things and, for this, he decided to steal an object of inestimable value: the mysterious Diary of Bresson, the only thing on which his skilled grandfather failed to get his hands on.

Accompanied by Jigen and Goemon in this new mission full of intrigue, Lupin will encounter an evil organization that will bring together also to Fujiko, the young aspiring archaeologist Laetitia and even a Gun, in contact with the memory of her grandfather in an adventure never seen before.


Through the use of a plot between James Bond and Indiana Jones, Lupin III – The First proposes on the big screen the characters of Monkey Punch without distorting them, but on the contrary enriching it with new facets.

The attention is obviously focused more on Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko (the latter, however, with more space, along with a Gun) on Lupin, which are emphasized the qualities from the gentleman thief: cunning, skill in disguise, sympathy, positivity and goodness.

In this sense, our protagonist finds in Everything a perfect “shoulder”, which is able to give him a perfect context, with his personal history and his passion for archaeology, for the staging of all the recognizable elements of his character, and especially to give more prominence to its “mythical” relationship with his grandfather.

The presence of the Diary, Bresson allows Yamazaki to play with History and with the history of the family, Lupin, creating a dense network of references that supports it, silently, a main plot simple but well-articulated and “fresh”, engaging and action-packed.

Already for all these elements, that is, for having brought on the big screen Lupin managed to offer something new without straying from the “classicism” of the character, Lupin the III – The First would be classified as a good product.

The item completely surprising, however, and that raises considerably the quality of the film, giving additional light to the positive elements, is the revolutionary graphics with which Lupin and the rest of the gang are brought into the scene.

The audacity of the production is award-winning a time, entered the room, the viewer finds himself in front of the beautiful 3D playback: the human figures are treated with a manic attention, but to stand out are definitely the lighting effects and the environments, both in closed spaces and those more spacious and natural.

The feeling is that of being in front of a live-action, designed by Monkey Punch: a paradox, this, which well makes the perfect combination executional between innovation and tradition.

Lupin is always the same but, all of us, through a romantic adventure between the story driven by a riveting soundtrack and graphics, like I said, fine, we have a way to fall in love again to him for the same reasons as ever: this time, however, visually phenomenal.

Appointment, therefore, in all the Italian cinemas starting from 27 February!

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