Lupin III: code Name Tarantula on Italy 2


Published on May 05, 2020


Wednesday, May 6, 2020, for the cycle dedicated to the adventures of the gentleman thief created by the late master Monkey Punch, Italy 2 has scheduled the transmission of Lupin III: code Name Tarantula at 21:20.

Also known with the title faithful to the original Lupin III – Walther P38 chosen for the home video editions, Lupin III: code Name Tarantula is the ninth tv special of the series which aired for the first time in Japan on August 1, 1997 on Nippon TV and in our Country, on Italia 1 on November 7, 1999.

The home video editions in Italian were published by Dynit, DeAgostini and Yamato Video.

Lupin, in the company of his inseparable friends Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko, this time he goes on a cursed island moved not only by the desire of the ingots, but also to close a chapter of his life.

With a dip in the past you will see a young Lupin and one of his first robberies, many dollars, and a friend is not really such. These, in fact, he shoots Lupin with his Walther P38 and throwing him in the sea.

However, that gun has not been forgotten and, after the magazine years later, during a theft in which he is wounded severely even a Gun, Lupin decides to find out more.
On the island hides the ruthless organization of assassins, known as the tarantula, which is part of the beautiful and sad Ellen.

Lupin at this point, you'll end up a prisoner of the organization and the victim of a poison that will prevent him from escape. So it has to find the owner of the Walther P38, be able to bring home the treasure and help the unfortunate Ellen among toxic substances, poison gas, and covenants secret...

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