Luino: “Yesterday evening, still a theft from the neighbors, we can more”

Published on Feb 08, 2017

Lorenzo Granzarollo, a resident of Moncucco, village of Luino Luino, he sent us a letter in which denounces the wrath for too many thefts that are occurring in the luino area. These words are a strong message that is addressed to the institutions and the forces of order, which asks him to intervene in order to protect the serenity of the citizens. Here is the letter. Luino: “Yesterday evening, still a theft from the neighbors, we just can't”. “On Wednesday, 30 November last year, in the late afternoon, my wife and I have had the bitter experience of theft in the house. We live in a detached house on two floors, situated on the via Cervinia in Luino, in the hamlet of Moncucco. The house is located on the street side and is particularly visible and, therefore, in theory, controllable. Unfortunately, the thieves have circumvented the obstacle of visibility, passing by the garden and acting undisturbed: they drilled the access door to the laundry room, built with armored glass, therefore, considered to be secure, and from there I could climb to the top floor. The arrival of my wife has put them on the run. The criminals, on their arrival, they escaped by letting themselves down from the balcony of the living room and taking away the family jewels. What saddens us and at the same time, we are nervous is the fact that these jewels of gold were linked to memories, important facts family which can not be replaced, and their theft has left only a vacuum in us and in the place where they were kept. An exchange is not fair with the thieves who have stolen our memories, and our affections, and have left on our bed, perhaps in a hurry, a big stick, and all of their intentions more violent. As is easy to understand that now we live in fear. It remains even today the unpleasant feeling that the clothes and objects in our home have been touched by strangers without a name and without a face, but we are not alone: we share this adventure and these disgusting feelings from at least three other families of our residents ' knowledge in the luino area, in the same evening, have been the victims of theft”. Call for greater collaboration between administrators and the forces of order. “I have told the facts of this sad story because often, too often, we, the citizens, we live in a similar situation: yesterday evening, one of our neighbours has experienced in spite of the intrusion of the thieves in the house, the clutter and the lack of some objects of gold, on his return, feeling that sense of loss that comes with it, which, most of the times, it is never material. Now I wonder: in addition to building homes with sophisticated systems of safety, often ineffective, besides the fact of making a continuous appeal to the police to obtain more surveillance in our areas, in particular via Cervinia and Moncucco, as well as stop any subjects disreputable that frequent the area, perhaps devoid of work, in addition to the fact that we deprive ourselves of the freedom to live in a serene way, what we can do, we, the citizens, to inform our administrators of the situation of fear in which we live? The current interest is placed rightly to the needs of non-eu citizens, but are not addressed these serious issues that are now the order of the day and that affect the poor citizens of the city that are asking to be heard. I hope that administrators and the forces of law and order begin to work closely together and interact, so as to restore an aura of safety and liveability of our poor town of Luino”. Thanking mr. Granzarollo to his letter, the police remind us of how important it is that every private citizen contacts, the number 112 free of charge, to any report of danger or ambiguity in the vicinity of their homes. The collaboration between the police and local administrators takes place on a daily basis, to protect the citizens with effective and constant checks on the whole territory.

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