Luino, the two Towers: “the Ban on transit via Molinetto? Better intervene in the area schools,”

Published on Feb 08, 2017

After the article about the ban on transit and stopover along the via Moncucco, the effect of the former parent company of “Miss Future” and councillor of the minority, Rosaria Towers. According to Towers, the problems that emerged it would be possible to solve only with the prohibition of parking, to allow, especially in the times of entry and exit of the school, a better circulation in the area adjacent to the middle Schools and to Elementary Schools via Rimembranze. Here is his letter. Luino, the two Towers: “the Ban on transit via Molinetto? Better intervene in the area of the schools.” “I venture to intervene with a humble, personal, opinion – explains Rosaria-Towers. I agree on the prohibition of the stop in via Moncucco, given that the roadway is minimal, and the circulation to two-way. I never happened to find parked cars on via Moncucco, nor traffic, can be defined such that, via Molinetto, but if the inhabitants of the area have reported the problem, they are rightly heard. Sin, however, prohibit the transit via Molinetto to non-residents and it is interesting to find out from the article on The Boot Thinking’. I went to there yesterday, too, and I have not noticed of committing an offence. Via Molinetto is a path to interesting alternative: save street, time, traffic, fuel, pollution... To me, for example (and excuse me if I make a personal example) allows you to arrive on time to school (13.50) and park in the area of the former Diana. Coming down from via Creva, usually, is prevented access to the parking area of the ex-Diana, not only from viale Rimembranze and from the square to Bernardino Luini, but also from the road that runs along the school and leads to the parking lot. The passage is prevented by the drive of the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and relatives, who come to take the boys to middle School and to park anywhere, even in the middle of the road. However, the problem is not mine, just to be clear, the real problem is the ‘quarter-hour’ of chaos that you create around Schools during the hours of entry/exit. Solutions there would be, and would be useful both to parents with a car that for the guys who, in the times of entry/exit from the Schools, you are living in that ‘quarter hour’ of confusion and possible danger (the boys walk to wander among the cars in the maneuver, departure, in transit). I take the opportunity, then, for me to suggest to the city Administration to prohibit the parking of vehicles on the road that parallels the Elementary School gym and leads to the area of the former Diana (the perennial parking of vehicles prevents, in fact, the double circulation). The possible double movement would, instead, invite the parents arriving by car to park in the area, wait there, boys, enter and exit without problems, avoiding to clog up the square and adjacent streets. Also in the Cemetery there is a comfortable parking area just two steps from the Schools, where it is possible to wait for the boys, after six hours in the banks, could take the opportunity to stretch our legs a bit. I believe that to propose and to offer alternatives, correct and respectful towards all, in addition to impose bans, it is the duty of the Administration, to take care of the City”.

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