Luino, the Northern League: “the Attempt of the censorship to divert attention from their own administrative error”

Published on Jun 04, 2017

The deputy mayor of Luino, Alessandro Casali, the leader of the “Lega Nord” Antonio Palmieri, and the secretary of the Northern League, reject the sender's attempt to censure the president of the municipal council David Cataldo. Only yesterday, we published the motion signed by the members of the minority of the directors Compagnoni, Agostinelli, Nogara and Petrotta. Here is the press note of the League North of Luino. Luino, the Northern League: “the Attempt of the censorship to divert attention from their own administrative error”. “The four directors, signatories of the motion seek to blame others for his errors of administrative procedure – law on the press note league -rarely, in fact, you will read statements so full of errors and without any basis in fact. Let's start by saying that the administrative rules of this nation are very clear and it is pure invention that the politicians who hold positions of presidency should stop being such and are not allowed to express their political opinions outside of the institutional task, just think of those who presides over the two houses of Parliament, we say to the four directors if really these two high offices never make political statements, there seems to be quite the opposite, even they are signatories of the draft laws. In this story there is the usual inconsistency in the PD that a day ago press releases where it states that prohibit administrators the freedom of expression in newspapers and social networks is a dangerous drift undemocratic, while the day after signing a censorship to prevent the President of the Council to do that.” “The President Cataldo – continues the press release – has been elected first by the people in the list of the majority and then further voted by the city Council, which chose the President from the ranks of the group to advise the Northern League, he has the obligation to be above all parties and the guarantor of all of the directors ‘during the carrying out of its functions’, this is the law and all the minutes and transcripts of the sessions show that has always done its job in keeping this commitment, granting all the word when expected and often also recalling the order aldermen and the councillors of the majority. Finished the town Council is and remains, therefore, an exponent, and the militant who makes the policy active on the territory, like all the others”. The issue related to the motion of the frontier. “Entering into the merits of the question, the motion frontier presented in the last board you almost have to smile because here, we are perhaps faced with the only attempt in the history of the city to censure a President for having applied the regulation, and not to have it disregarded, during the sitting, the Mayor has addressed to the Director Taldone proposer of the motion to ask that it was postponed to the next session (not deleted) after a share in the commission, and then belonged only to the director owner of the protocol to give a response in this sense. Just because it is only a postponement and not a cancellation. No one has been deprived of the opportunity to express their opinion on the merits of the motion itself, on the contrary, by bringing the motion in committee, and then to the board, each of the group advise they have two different times to express themselves as they see fit. Applaud, therefore, the timely clarity of the President because in a few moments he has to make decisions of this type and so far it has done always in the banks of the regulation of the functioning of the municipal council. “We are amazed – ends – rather read some of the macroscopic inaccuracies from the parent of the list ‘Other Luino, composed by local representatives of the PD, Franco Compagnoni. For one who has been the deputy mayor and it is even proposed to the city for the mayor to write: ‘once you have withdrawn the motion, the President was to open the debate’ is very strange and we take it for a temporary blunder, it is true, in fact, quite the contrary: once you've picked up an item on the agenda, the president can no longer open the debate. Let us therefore renew our trust in the President, Cataldo we have heard you say, however, glad of the filing of the motion because it was convinced that it is a right of the opposition and that will be so the Council to certify that his work”.

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