Luino, the motion on the frontier ignites the city council. Turnabout of Taldone

Published on May 03, 2017

A closure of the city council, excited, and yesterday evening, when Giuseppe Taldone has withdrawn the motion on the frontier, and the president of the assembly, David Cataldo, the end of the session. Great controversy on the part of the minority, especially with team leaders Franco Compagnoni and Pietro Agostinelli, who in the council hall, they denounced the “mess-ups politicians” to arrive at this verdict, bringing the motion in the Commission. During the evening we discussed and were agreed two points on the AlpTransit and the update of the Municipal Emergency Plan for Civil Protection. Luino, the motion on the frontier ignites the city council. Turnabout of Taldone. Leg of the policy of varese and milan within the municipal council of Luino, which blocks the motion on the frontier submitted, and later withdrawn, by the provincial councilor and the parent company of “The Big Miss”, Giuseppe Taldone. The climate between the majority and the minority is overheated during the discussion of the last point on the agenda, after dealing with and voted for the “convention between the Region of Lombardia, Province of Varese, RFI, and the municipality of Luino, to the suppression of the two steps at the level of via San Pietro and via Voldomino”, “the order of the day relative to the impact on the line to single track to lake Maggiore and to the security of the territories crossed – mitigation works and equaling the territorial, on the railway corridor Rotterdam – Genoa”, “the updated emergency plan to the municipal civil protection”, and, finally, the “Motion on the closure of the mountain pass of Cremenaga during the night time, and against all forms of discrimination against Italian workers in Ticino”. Of these themes we will discuss in more detail in another article. The text of the motion presented and withdrawn by Giuseppe Taldone. So, he was the director Taldone in reading the motion, inserted at the last point on the agenda: “The swiss authorities have adopted a measure of closure during the night hours of some crossings with Italy including Ponte Cremenaga, motivating them with reasons of security and the fight against delinquency – has bed yesterday evening during the session of the municipal council, Giuseppe Taldone, the parent company of ‘The Great Luino -. This decision, taken unilaterally, could also become final in relation to the data that will emerge on the crime and on the flow of traffic. We believe this is unacceptable, which may cause inconvenience to many citizens of the border, and very much in contrast with the rules governing the international Treaty of Schengen, which require the member States, including Switzerland, the abolition of borders and free movement. This one has already caused a big stir in the political, institutional, and mass media, so as to determine a live national television right, from the pass of Cremenaga. Many Mayors have already expressed demonstrating against the measure. Luino is with Cremenaga and is an important centre of cross-border workers who daily use the crossing even in times of non-traditional and need to be protected. In the last few years they have grown from swiss many of the sentiments critical of the Italy, because of the growing and unjustified discrimination. For this reason, you are asking this city Council to speak out against the measure, the swiss closure of the crossing and to condemn any form of penalty in respect of the Italian workers in Ticino. It also asks the Mayor and the Council to work immediately, using every tool at institutional and political available, to ensure that it reopens during the nighttime hours the pass of Cremenaga and is established between the swiss authorities and the Italian ones a comparison that it enters on the merits of the issues raised, and that takes into consideration the needs of both States”. The response of Pellicini, and the words of Taldone. Immediately after the reading of the motion, shall be the mayor Pellicini: “In these days, there has been a hype on the matter, with discussions and voting instructions finished about in the newspapers. I'm glad that you can speak to the city council. The motion on the frontier touches on some very important aspects such as security, the fight against crime and the closure of crossings. Are the important themes that I have already discussed on several occasions in these years. The right way I think is to enrich the debate and, I believe, is a necessary step in the Commission to allow the motion to be passed unanimously, perhaps also involving authorities, municipalities as the province and Regio Insubrica. My proposal then is to postpone the vote and carry the motion in Committee to improve the motion and, where possible, try to get her vote unanimously”. To take the word, so, is the doctor, luino area Taldone that responds to the first citizen: “The press does its job, as do the councillors. I have very clear where I want to go, that is to say to a unanimous vote in support of the frontier. Luino is watched with attention by all the neighbouring countries. If you do not votassimo compact, many interpreterebbero that we are barricaded on our political positions. I don't want to have the responsibility which I may be said not to have done anything to carry on the battle on the frontier, as it is doing in the Community of the Piambello. I felt to present this motion alone, but if the passage in the commission goes further to enrich the content, with a greater attention, giving a strong signal and shared, I accept the request in good faith of the mayor”. And so the president of the municipal council, David Cataldo, after the withdrawal of the motion, closes the session, while the members of the minority of The “Other Street”, Compagnoni on all, and the parent company MIN, Peter Agostinelli, criticized severely what happened, according to the choice made. “It is not possible for the Commission to translate the message and make it shared by all, but is on the city council to do so. And’ appreciable defusing a political question, but the unanimity you have to get it on the political level, not in this way”. The motion on the frontier, in fact, the region had been voted positively by the Brothers of Italy, party of the mayor, Pellicini, and negatively by the Northern League, which is linked to the deputy mayor Houses. To make matters worse the dose, then, is Peter Agostinelli: “I have the list of politicians racists who have voted for the motion in the region. Here you do not have the courage to step into the limelight”. The tones rise, involved as well as the first citizen and his deputy mayor, with skirmishes with the minority that is struggling to understand. While administrators leave the classroom, positions are clarified, with the minority that, in spite of the withdrawal of the motion, asked in a loud voice to discuss the topic during the session, something which has not occurred according to the regulations set forth by the president Cataldo. The harsh criticism of the directors in the minority, yesterday evening, have shown how the political balance, especially when they affect the dynamics of the party that are of interest also to Varese and Milan, could have an impact within a simple motion presented to the city council, who are already in the region, however, had created much discontent among the benches of the majority. Of course, after the stand taken by strong and the net last week on the pages of the pre-alps between the “protagonists of the game”, it is necessary to emphasize as at times to assert more political form or ideology of the party, of the substance of the arguments, in this case, the needs and the critical issues that are hitting the border.

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