Luino, the four excellences of the I. S. I. S. “C. Volontè” for the project “Generation of the industry”

Published on Mar 24, 2017

“Generating Industry”, a program of the Industrial Union to promote the cultural exchange between companies and technical institutions of the territory, has seen it participate four children of I. S. I. S. “City of London”, during the start of the project, have met and worked with some managers of the various companies in varese, in the context of trade and growth which is aimed at enhancing the excellence available on the territory. Luino, the four excellences of the I. S. I. S. “C. Volontè” for the project “Generation of the industry”. A. Fogagnolo, Michele Rocella, Lorenzo Sciangula and Alessio Vecchio, pupils of the fourth class To the electronics of the “Città di Luino – C. Volontè”, they went to the Chamber of Commerce of Varese to the start of the Project “Generation of the Industry”, sponsored by United (the Union of Industrialists of the province of Varese), which aims at the enhancement of excellence by offering a scholarship for any student following an internship of about a year at Ghiringhelli, SPM, CUMDI USAG. The exchange with the manager. During the morning, the organizers have divided the boys into groups followed by a manager of companies of the province of Varese, during the activity, they explained, also with personal advice, such as drafting a curriculum vitae, and then simulate a job interview, the individual and the collective. In the early afternoon after a welcome buffet offered by United, the students met with the manager, which have exposed the errors committed most frequently during the interviews, also doing the congratulations because, given the young age, almost all of the participants have been shown to have a clear idea of their future. Leaders have observed with pleasure the excellent collaboration observed, in spite of the estrangement between the parties. The organizers have put to the test the guys doing listening to a presentation in English of a manager of the american, which he introduced to the boys and the methodologies to combat stress and to work better. The day ended with the delivery of a certificate of participation and a presentation by the postal police, who explained the dangers and risks you may encounter while surfing the net.

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