Luino, the alarm of the minorities: “Back on the security for the AlpTransit, the majority divided”

Published on Mar 23, 2017

The minority groups luinesi share the same concern, expressed yesterday evening, during the sitting of the Commission the Territory from councillor Catherine Franzetti: the safety and AlpTransit. The opposition: “Back on the security of the AlpTransit, especially with regard to the work adjustment of the barracks of the Fire Brigade. The statements of the councillor Franzetti show that on the topic, the majority is divided”. Luino, the alarm of the minorities: “Back on the security for the AlpTransit, the majority divided”. A session of the Commission area is very busy, yesterday evening, especially politically, not only for the issues related to the three-year plan of public works and safety of the schools. Minorities, with the Pd locally, the Movement Italia the Nation, “The Big Miss” and the group extra-board “Luino 5 Stars” have addressed the issue of safety with the future AlpTransit, noting the different issues. To surprise, however, to that of minority groups, it was the intervention of the councillor for Social Services, Catherine Franzetti, who, in agreement with the opinion of the opposition, has shared their concerns, expressing his judgment directed, with even some critical of the mayor, Pellicini, and administration for the measures taken on the question relative to the renewal of the railway line and all its consequences, especially in the area of security. The opinion of the leader of the Movement in Italy, the Nation, Peter Agostinelli. “According to the findings of the Commission the Territory, there are still too many unanswered questions on the AlpTransit, the new traffic flow and safety in the city, " says the director Peter Agostinelli-. It is unfortunate that the mayor and the majority are out of the classroom when the topic was addressed, maybe even with strong tones, but always correct on the part of the minority. Well did the councilor Catherine Franzetti to pull the ears to those who have left the debate on a topic so heartfelt for all of us. From 2018 to 2020, there will be a gradual increase in freight traffic, and we know that the money of the design for the new fire station will not be allocated before the end of 2018, imagine the time it will take to see the completed whole. In station to increase the steps of freight trains, they say with a few train passengers, but we have not the railway police. Not been, so far, not even involved, the citizenship of the future of the road. In short, I believe that the letters to the ministers or the procession in the Region go well, but we can and must do more.” “As already said in the interview published yesterday, explains, the neo-secretary of the Pd of Luino, Enrico Bianchi – the administration luino area must take responsibility for the problems highlighted from all the realities of local politics in these months. As said yesterday during the sitting of the Commission the Territory, from councillor Catherine Franzetti, can not be shared. His concerns are also ours, and we cannot afford to stand still to watch what happens, but it is necessary to intervene in all those matters that directly concern us. I make reference to viability and security, that should be our priority to protect the citizens luinesi. If on the road the projects are still in the first phase of the study, the safety, instead, it is necessary to do a more thorough analysis. If, as it is derived from, from January, there will be an increase of trains, even after the works that will be carried out until December, so there will be for the new Fire station that only in 2018 will be funded, and not before 2020 will be finished. We must intervene immediately and I appeal to the mayor of Luino, in order to guide us in this journey to reduce to a minimum the potential risks of any accidents”. The opinion of the parent company, de “The Big Miss”, Giuseppe Taldone. “I also agree with the concerns of the councillor Franzetti, such as local and provincial councillor. The opening of the new Gotthard tunnel, with the upgrading of the railway line Bellinzona-Luino-Sesto Calende-Gallarate, has as its inevitable consequence the gradual increase of the transit goods on our territory. We are talking about ‘Alptransit’, a large project for swiss high-speed train that will continue on the Italian soil, making Luino and Laveno important issues for the Genoa-Rotterdam. Definitely a work strategy that will bring a large amount of trains to cross quickly to Switzerland, then moving to Luino. The work of modernizing and upgrading the railway are programmed by us for the second half of the year. To follow on our lines will be a succession of trains in the race: in fact, it speaks of more than 90 trains per day, definitely a figure unimaginable until now. The vibration and noise pollution will be one of the problems with which you make the accounts and you will have to find a suitable solution with the placement of modern anti-noise and anti-vibration. In addition to the problem of the environmental impact, on which we are making a common front with the councillor Luca Marsico, the chairman of the Committee on the Environment in the Region of Lombardy, there is a complex security problem that needs a clear is a structured intervention plan that takes into account the increased frequency of trains and of the dangerousness of the goods transported. It will also serve as a suitable guarantees of the maintenance and enhancement of passenger traffic, possibly to improve in terms of quality. On these issues there could be no compromise: policy and institutions must move in solidarity to get what is due. On this project we were in the time of meetings, conferences and round tables with the Mayors of the front line in the protection of the territory. Even the political forces have made itself felt in various ways, their voice, to witness of how a high level of attention. We have extended these concerns to the honourable Lara Comi, Mep varese and Vice-president of the European people's Party, who promptly wrote to both the Minister of infrastructure and transport Delrio and to the Managers of the Railways to ask for the respect of the working time, more resources at the local level to make more sustainable interventions to be made to the railway line. Also, I, the undersigned, with the right Group to Advise the Province, and is following closely the story with the conviction that only by creating a territorial compact you can better protect the interests of a community. We will ask the President of the Province to insist, in the appropriate fora, on the respect of the times of realization of the works and on the fact that serve additional funds compensatory to alleviate the hardships.” The position of the group “Luino, 5-Star, with George Bosons. “Yesterday evening, on the occasion of the Commission's work the Territory to which we attended in the audience, we were able to watch the debate on the safety of the transport goods on the ‘new railway line’. The mayor Pellicini had to leave after the exposure of the program of maintenance of the structures of the competence of the local authorities (the first part of the work) and was not present for the discussion of the topic AlpTransit, whose management has been delegated to the councillor Palmieri. The surprise in listening to the councilor Franzetti, declaring themselves to be secular in theme of rail transport, has rebuked the mayor for not being present at the discussion, underlining the entity of administrative responsibility in the local representation at the competent authorities, and recognising the responsibility of public administrator. We recognize and appreciate the fact that Pellicini has organized and started the activities of the technical table (in culpable delay as stressed Councillor Nogara), also inviting one of our activist to participate in it, but if the assumptions are those which emerged yesterday evening, it is now clear that the concern for the outcome of all the instances of safety and prevention submitted to the State, the Region and the Italian Railway Network (money maker privatisation of the State railways), are more than justified, and shared by the local administration, in all its parts (citizens included). We hope that on the part of the inhabitants of all the municipalities crossed by the monorail line, between Tronzano, Busto Arsizio and Novara, born of the need to participate actively in the discussion on the security of the territories of residence. To have the same force of impact on the strategies of the profits of the RFI that had the association of Municipalities of the Gambarogno area with SBB-AlpTransit, it is necessary to combine the positive forces to increase the impact in determining the guidelines of expenditure of the entities that will benefit from the rights arising from the use of the lines. There are alternatives and you should consider all, not just the most profitable for the usual suspects. Painful receive confirmation of the fact that, as inferred from the analysis of the data that emerge from the acts of the institutional, it is still in the ‘high seas’ and that any action undertaken to date is designed to solve the contingent, but you do not have a vision at least twenty years of the ‘intended use’ of our valleys, and the only industry that we have, but for the interests of a few, we may lose all.”

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