Luino, on Friday evening a meeting of the sports medicine among “fatigue and tiredness”bike

Published on Mar 21, 2017

Following the success of the first evening of “sports medicine” of the G. C. AVIS Luino, here is a new event in the center of which there will be the important distinction between tiredness and fatigue”. The speaker of the evening dr. Sergio Pulici, in virtue of his specialisation in cardiology and his passion for the discipline of cycling. The event is scheduled for Friday, 24, at 20.45, at the premises of the group G. C. AVIS, in viale Rimembranze 2, to Luino. Luino, on Friday evening a meeting of the sports medicine among “fatigue and tiredness”. After the excellent debut of the first evening of “sports medicine” of 4 march, which had as rapporteur for the former “pro” Wladimir Belli, Friday, march 24, there will be a new occasion to talk about bicycles and health. It will, in fact, dr. Sergio Pulici teach us to understand the differences between fatigue and fatigue cycling. They are both the two definitions is well known by fans, but fatigue and tiredness are not really the same thing, then it is important to learn how to recognize and distinguish between the two situations. So, after the great found of the first meeting for the next evening, the G. C. AVIS Luino expects a large participation to the meeting, during which dr. Sergio Pulici will dispense valuable information under his dual role, that of specialist in cardiology and a former primary at the San Giuseppe of Milan, as well as that of cyclist practitioner. Great success for the party of “sports medicine” with Wladimir Belli. In the crowded evening of Saturday the 4th, Wladimir Belli entertained about 50 fans attended with a skill and an ability to keep high attention that only a sports commentator owns. The commentator of the races in Eurosport, one of the activities that Beautiful place, with clever references to his experiences as a professional, he informed the participants of how important are the positioning on the bike and preparing for the season. In the course of the evening, has shown how modern technology, such as biomechanical analysis, may be useful to “ride” in an optimal way the bike and help with progressive tests in preparation for the practice of cycling, with greater awareness and better results.

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