Luino is a great success for the “Second Meeting of Zonal Optimist Act 1”

Published on May 15, 2017

A beautiful Sunday in the lake yesterday, for about eighty young sailors who have gathered yesterday in Luino for the “Second Meeting of Zonal Optimist, Act 1”. “The hope is to make the competition a regular event,” says the president AVAV Luino, Giovanni Moroni. Here's how it went. Luino is a great success for the “Second Meeting of Zonal Optimist, Act 1”. Great success yesterday in the AVAV of Luino to the regatta Optimist in the Second Meeting Zone Act 1 Trophy for Young Sailors in 2017 organised by the Association of Velica Alto Verbano and by the Italian Sailing Federation.The regatta took place between Luino, Germignaga and Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca: the young sailors and sailors between 9 and 14 years have been about eighty coming from Lombardy, Piedmont and Canton Ticino. “The race of young sailors took place today was launched in Luino for the first year: the hope is to make it become a fixed appointment. I am satisfied with the result, and I thank all those who have helped us and supported, " said President AVAV Giovanni Moroni – this event has started a collaboration with the School of linguistics Claudio Varalli in Milan: they have been involved with two girls for the alternation school-work”. The regatta was conducted with a single test: considered to be “behind the sails” has been experienced even in the stage of preparation in which one perceives an atmosphere of excitement, dynamism and a bit of a frenzy. The collection of data, the distribution of the gadgets, and the control of the certificates make the one that appears to be a simple race a real assembly line in which the trip is only the culmination of the hard work on the ground in the Sailing Club AVAV by the Secretariat and by the Members led by Chairman John Moroni in the days and weeks before the event. The results are published on the site

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