Luino, happy birthday at the restaurant “The Cantinone”. “Three years innovating continuously”

Published on Jan 31, 2017

Are three years that the restaurant “The Cantinone”, situated in the Historic Centre of Luino, which is managed by the young entrepreneur Michele Marmino. Just for the occasion we went to interview him, and told us many large and small curiosity about one of the most evocative and beautiful parts of the lake village. Not only attention to the products and typical delicacies and wine to every little detail, but also great readiness to the many regional realities, from sports to social. Then Michael, today is the third birthday of your management “in The Canton”. How do you feel about cut this little goal? They are already three years old... what can I say? Just a thanks to all those who have and are supporting our current version of “The Cantinone”. Have already passed three years since the first PausaPranzo, our appointment from Monday to Saturday, with the proposal of the fixed menu in conjunction with the typical menu. But how many things have happened in these years and especially this year, including the visit of personalities of the cultural environment, artistic and political, at the national level. One of the most interesting events that happened was the proposal to be a director on the board of the “Strada dei Sapori delle Valli Varesine”, an association that promotes the territory and local products. I find it an interesting experience since I'm involved from the point of view of tourism, as the association manages the TOURIST office of Laveno Mombello, the inn and the refreshment of Santa Caterina del Sasso. Just in terms of tourism, instead, how things have changed in these years? From the point of view of tourism could make a positive report. In these three years, I have seen a Luino, which is increasingly “under siege” by tourists. One development is the provincial, regional and international. Customers come not only from our european neighbours such as Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands, but also from the United States, Australia and New Zealand, to name a few. A flow of tourists which fortunately does not end in the summer. Your's is a restaurant that binds to the proposal from the culinary to the many products typical of the territory. From what derives this choice? Since the first day, I wanted to emphasize the positive value of local products, taste of course, but also for the local economy. Choose and add value to the products produced in our territory, falls precisely in the mission of my Cantinone. Locate local products, directly know the producers and their stories are unique experiences in order to understand more deeply the territory. One of the “discoveries” more interesting were the products of the “drink local”, I called them the #MadeinVarese. I'm glad to have imported to Luino, and then make it known to other commercial activities, the digestive “A Quai " Cos” or an aperitif in the pink varesino “Apollo11” of Pirola and the mythical “Al Borducan”, the digester of the Sacro Monte of Varese; in addition to the complete line of the Brewery Angelo Poretti and other references of the Rossi d'angera distillery. The wine, however, is a fundamental component... “Al Cantinone” is linked by over 150 years to the wine and to the management of Mr Crows. In various operations it is then added to the kitchen for the moment, from the first of February of 2007, when my mother, partner and grandmother have transformed the local and the activity in a typical restaurant. Considering the times and the consumer, the pouring of the wine is no longer a main activity, but the tasting and the sale yes. The wines are all Italian and belong to a selection of about 100 wines from almost all regions. Since last year, also to meet the needs of customers increasingly attentive to the environment and public health, I introduced not only organic wine, but also natural and biodynamic. From June to November, thanks to the support of sommelier Alessandro Moretti, we have created the appointment on Tuesday with “Do you Wine?”, that included wine tasting from the chalice of this wine. From time to time, then as is also demonstrated by our collaboration, we have decided to sponsor many local realities. For what reason? As already said, the Cantinone is an integral part of the history and tradition of luino area and the company. For two years I thought that support those positive realities such as youth sports or reality of useful services to the community is also in the interest of the local, so I'm happy to sponsor Luino Weather, Luino Courses, the Theatrical Season luino area, FranceSport and Luino Volley, with the teams Under-16 and 18. Also the support activities for the enhancement of the historic center of the city, as the street artists ' Festival falls in the interest of the Cantinone. And, of course, can not be from less the official source of information as “The Boot Thinking”. In addition to the catering, however, “The Cantinone” is also one of the places symbol of the history of the Historic Centre of Luino... At the Cantinone is one of the places that have made the history of Luino, it is true. Generations of luinesi and not only that, it is a daily discovery, I would say. Customers have told me, and I tell anecdotes and stories related to their experiences in the Cellar. And’ how to write a book to which you add pages in the great History of the local. You are engaged but also in social activities. What are they? Also support to the territory and to local associations related to the promotion of social, artistic such as the Association of Aurora, and universal themes such as support to the women. Since last summer, in fact, is working with the provincial association of “No Violence” Woman of Cuveglio. Currently the campaign that we are supporting is the “Bench Red,” which is a collection of funds for the purchase of benches, a red insert in urban contexts, as an instrument of aggregation, but also as a symbol of violence against women. Because the tragedy of the earthquake, we have collaborated with the initiative of the CRI Section of Luino. What plans do you have for the future? In addition to maintaining, the proposals in the act, and the typicality, this year I would try to create the most gastronomic meetings, which are already in the pipeline. Will not miss each year as the Feast of the Irish in the program for the days of St. Patrick (from 16 to 19 march). Finally, I would like to thank all of you infinitely, starting with who stands beside me, Laura, my family, friends, staff and of course customers. I invite you to take a picture with the number 3, you could win aperitipici for two. To stay up to date on the activities of the restaurant “The Cantinone”, refer to Page Facebook and profile Instagram.

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