Luino, Compagnoni: “we Discuss in council, but find the balance is lost and we return to constructive dialogue”

Published on Jun 05, 2017

The issue related to the motion on the frontier, presented and withdrawn later from the director Taldone, in the last session of the city council, has created debate in the political world in the luino area. In addition to the discussions of the last few weeks, only on Saturday, we published the motion of censure regarding the president of the municipal council, David Cataldo, and yesterday the replication of the Lega Nord in Luino. Today, to take the word is Franco Compagnoni, making a historical overview as he did when, after being the most voted in the first Pellicini, had given his resignation to make room for, with changes to the bylaw attached to them, to figure superpartes of the president of the council. Here are the words of the leader of “The Other London”. Luino, Compagnoni: “we Discuss in council, but find the balance is lost and we return to constructive dialogue”. “With all of our colleagues and councillors – said the director Franco Compagnoni -, I share a relationship of knowledge and friendship, that the diversity of attitudes and thinking, and, above all, politics, not contaminate. However, they are far from dazzled, to resume the terminology of the friends, by the paradoxes that a motion of absolute good sense for the area and the local content universal, I would say physiologically votabile, generated with embarrassment and political sudditanze absurd, both in the majority, that even in the minority proposer, forcing them even to retreat. Still have not figured out, pick-up or referral? It seems to me, however, as the saying goes a footballing point of view, the ball was hurled into the stands a few moments from the end, because it is difficult to justify the paradoxes in and of itself inexplicable, as the justifications themselves indicate that they have still more precisely, the absurdity”. “It is clear, furthermore, that even in the general interpretation of the role of the president of the municipal council – continues Compagnoni -, there is a clear gap between those who have proposed the motion of censure and who has replicated through the organs of the party. This is a gap of absolute true freedom of opinion, essential for anyone who has a role of administrator. I do not understand why the replication is not coming from the mayor or from the administration, but from the Northern League directly. In regards to the specific situation of the last city council, however, this is not to conceal our ‘administrative errors’. What errors are we talking about? What kind? It is physiological that in the course of the mandate, we shall have the facts, and maybe I will do it again, but in the same way as they have made and will make even those who have subscribed to the press release, and who, in some way, within the same majority must suffer”. “In reality – explains Compagnoni – we will call attention to the attitudes and dynamics, not part of the board itself, which is perceived clearly and designed to prevent the discussion of the motion on that occasion, with the aim of finding shares at a later time. Of course, good intentions justify the search of unity, but we wanted to also intervene with us, when, after having opened the discussion with the intervention of the mayor, the floor was returned to the adviser to the offeror Taldone to withdraw his motion?!? For our part, instead, we could have to share a path in a commission, as then occurred, but we could have to try and convince Joseph Taldone for you to believe that the path the commission unnecessary, and that some of the changes, however, could be introduced with amendments during the session. In short, we would only have wanted to intervene, as always, without elbowing, as in this city council has always been the usual”. “For this, in addition to the motion of censure, we wanted to resubmit a new motion on the closure of the mountain pass of Cremenaga, he Compagnoni -. We chose to precisely replicate the motion of the council of the Lombardy Region, presented by the directors of the regional Marsico, Alfieri, and Cattaneo, approved by a large majority. The intent is to give a further and important role in Luino, which in our view must go back really to the centre of the territory, as a catalyst of shared initiatives, and therefore a source of proposals, such as the fact that both the administration and luino area to be a promoter of the resolution of the council in the whole of the territory concerned”. “We expect that after a classroom discussion, you will be able to regain the balance lost, and return to a constructive dialogue for our citizens – concludes Compagnoni -. Confident, finally, that in addition to the declarations, leading more apt to show the muscles that express positions on concrete, there are, perhaps, in the words of councillors, say more independent, will, most collaborative, and protection of the rights of all, bringing to the debate dialectical-constructive, and does not legally the plaintiff. We will see in the attitudes and votes in the council. As they say, the king is naked”.

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