Luino and AlpTransit, some traders: “we Ask the municipality for greater involvement”

Published on Mar 18, 2017

After the Commission Territory Tuesday evening, the letter from the mayor, Pellicini to the ministers Delrio and Cockerels and the different positions on the AlpTransit, between politics and Ascom Luino, today, are just some of the shopkeepers in the area of piazza Risorgimento and via Voldomino to intervene, with a letter received by the editorial office. To sign are a dozen of commercial activities, including Intimate Vergani, Castles, Bags, Football Team, Evo Tyres, New Mail, Tessilcasa, The tree of surprises and Driving Luino. Here is the content of the letter, including the viability, future and safety on the railway line in the centre of the village. Luino and AlpTransit, some traders: “we Ask the municipality for greater involvement”. “It seems absurd, but, instead, is the sad truth – so begins the letter sent from some dealers luinesi – : in Luino, lucky border town between Italy and the Canton of Ticino, a few months ago there was sporadic talk about and confront the topic AlpTransit, only now it seems that you are moving something. The railways have decided, in agreement with institutions of higher as the State and the Region, that by 2020, in Luino will be closed three roads and two level crossings, which divide the town centre and will have an impact on via San Pietro, but, above all, on via Cairoli and via Voldomino, which is certainly one of the most important arteries of the country for the traffic and road conditions. The road, in fact, delivers the most traffic in the direction of Voldomino/Cucco and Lavena Ponte Tresa, and also wanting in the direction of Germignaga, both outgoing and incoming. To take a glaring example, it seems to us useful to point out that it could cause severe discomfort for an ambulance code red call to intervene in the centre of Luino: both the outward and return journeys you should make a longer path. Back to us, currently, according to the Municipality, we are considering how to remedy the inconvenience, but how? They are talking about, as it is derived from the meeting of Tuesday in the Commission the Territory – continues the letter -, a possible underpass in the area of the former Visnova, proposed by RFI, but by comparison to the made concrete and operational of the project, will spend as a minimum three or four years: if they find an agreement between the parties, if it is objectively feasible, including funds and investments to make, and if they decide to take this project forward in Luino, what will happen to the roads? Surely there are certainties railway: closure of two level crossings and increase of the train from 70 steps to 90, of which 20 will be very likely to be only merchandise, to arrive at an estimate measured for the passage of a train every 16 minutes a day on average in the centre of the town, and also because, considering the single track for a long stretch, more it would seem impossible to. What will be the benefits of the citizens luinesi? What you have managed to get to today, our municipal institutions, for us and for the commercial activities, in exchange for this huge benefit to the railways? We would never like that with his head bowed, you need to accept the decisions of a ‘private’, leaving out the second floor, the public interest. Us traders, directly and indirectly, we are interested in the question, and we remain astonished in front of the absence of readiness and preparation of those who should govern us and protect us. It is a month and a half that we asked to shed light on this story and the very few things that we know we have been reported by ASCOM, which coincide with the detail knowledge of the town. Today RFI has yet to release even as a plan to manage the railway network completed their work, they are all hypotheses, while for a possible alternative way you speak at least June 2020. It would also be interesting to know what they carry these trains, because there are goods and goods and even if it seems to the common be moved to assess the environmental impact of the proposed changes to the RFI, the safety of the relief does not seem to be the ‘maximum’ (to be shorthand). Someone, we do not know that title, in response to Stefano Meloro, vice-director ASCOM Luino, on this site, declares in addition that ‘for months he writes of the problem without which no category has ever expressed any consideration...’. This statement is absolutely not true. We ask for information in common, but the problem is that so far we have never been involved in any meeting. The first they called for next Tuesday, inviting activities that may be involved in any alterations of the road system in a future not so the next. To close we would add a last but not less important, in fact to the municipal institutions: in the vicinity of the steps, the levels that there are not only commercial activities, but there live a lot of luinesi and, above all, during the day, at any time of the day, car, bike and on foot you pass through all the luinesi and not only. It is not now, therefore, to make the town of Luino in a project so important and with such an impact that will involve the whole community?”.

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