Luino, after 38 years of teaching last day of school for the professor Zanzi

Published on Jun 10, 2017

“I find it hard to not move me”. With these words begins the conversation with Guido Zanzi, professor of Drawing and History of Art at the Liceo Scientifico “V. Sereni” of Luino. For Guido, so it is called affectionately by many students luinesi that they had him as a professor, as Wednesday was the last day of school, after 39 years of teaching. From 2000 he was a teacher in a residential area. “Oh, and one last thing: don't talk about retiring, I gave my maximum availability for projects in and outside the classroom!”. Luino, after 38 years of teaching last day of high school for professor Zanzi. And’ touched Guido Zanzi, well-known professor of Drawing and History of Art, which, since 2000, teaches at the Liceo Scientifico “V. Sereni” of Luino. Hundreds and hundreds of boys and girls that they had him as a teacher, and that, behind the smile and the professionalism in teaching, have always found a man available to everyone, even in projects outside school. Last but not least, in fact, what some students will stage in the coming weeks inspired by “Into the Wild”, that highlights the love for the show and, especially, for the music, which the professor Zanzi, has never hidden. But Guido, now, after well trentott'school years of teaching, on Wednesday held his last lecture in class (ed, in the picture with the students of 4C of the high school). He had started to teach in 1979, and then get to the I. S. I. S. di Luino in 1996 and go to the Scientific high School “V. Sereni” in 2000. At the beginning of his career he was a professor at various schools including Gavirate, Varese and province. “For me it is very difficult to say, as I ‘retired’ – says professor Guido Zanzi -. It is a word that I do not like, as ‘grandfather’. But after thirty-eight years of teaching, arrived almost 64 years, also came the moment for me. I have to say, though, that I consider myself to be extremely lucky. I have moved from a situation of half-empty glass, in which I thought that I would have accomplished only by the architect, to love teaching Drawing and Art History. In recent years I have realized not only that you have not renounced anything, but you have found something better: to be able to do this work, to teach, and to do so in Luino for seventeen years has been a great honour and a wonderful experience. Daily contact with the boys, with all the pros and cons of the case, they give you a great charge. Those who have good will and want to get in the game at the high School of Luino can do it, there is space to do so. Of this, but I have to thank all the school leaders I've had, colleagues, co-workers and even the guys. They are wonderful people that I have had the good fortune to have around me. The bonus is in the generations of people who remember me and I guess it means that they appreciated my way of teaching with passion. The destiny is sometimes better than what you would build for his life from a young age, and to me is the way it went”. Guido and from September what will you do? “Do not talk of retirement, I already gave my maximum availability to collaborate on projects and initiatives extra-curricular, I will never stop to do what I like”. The post Facebook of the high school-Thomas Soldan, dedicated to professor Zanzi. “Good day to you guys, I'm the professor Zanzi, and I wanted to make clear just one thing: the time of the country of the toys is finished [...]”. Thus on 12 September 2013 we first met. It was the beginning of a long educational experience, which has led to learn your ‘descriptive geometry’, which for us will always remain a technical drawing, the use of CAD and to look in a different way, the art that we have around us. Next to this, however, is also put in the enormous wealth of human experiences that we experienced: the joy for the success of a musical, the wonder what does not go in the right way when there are problems, the management of the tension in the events and, above all, able to convey our feelings to other people. You taught us to do things with passion and never to stop in front of our curiosity; to be frank with ourselves and always have a critical look on everything. Now, a little sadness creeps in my heart as I was going to end up in this, but I can't be happy because it made me reflect on the privilege I had of being your pupil. The last bell of your career is played, but I know that it will soon open a new window. A window on our experiences we see it again in the assembly in which we are still called to do what we have always done. I'm just a bit of words but perhaps the most important and beautiful it is, and will always remain:”.

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