Luino, a trip with Silvio Raffo in adolescence as an important moment for the life

Published on Mar 19, 2017

“Adolescence as important time of life.” This is the theme from the short unpublished novel written by Silvio Raffo at the age of 18 years, entitled “My father, René” and published by little, which was presented yesterday afternoon in the Library in a residential area. Introduced by Gloria Marigo, the writer has transported to the present, talking at length of his experience, of his book and of the relationship with Luino. Luino, a trip with Silvio Raffo in adolescence as an important moment for the life. An interesting afternoon yesterday in the Library to Luino, where Silvio Raffo presented his debut novel titled “My father René”. The meeting was introduced by Gloria Marigo, who thanked the department of Culture and the municipality of Luino for the organization: “Often young people are not aware of the storms that are going through. In the novel alongside these dynamics, you can see a certain power of observation, and this feature is very important as it shows how adolescence is problematic. The protagonist of the book is a young man, attentive to what happens, who pushes him to seek answers with an innocent look. A novel remarkable about adolescence, which is the theme with a look at the difference, thanks to the clarity that allows you to analyze what is happening in a way that is free from prejudice”. To take the word, then, is the writer Silvio Raffo. “I Love To Luino. Has an atmosphere that you agree that certain imaginary of my novels. In the age of adolescence, it seems that everything is imperfect and I realized that in my texts, the presence of the young is constant. There is a psychological dimension inclined to the dream, the dream that we live the first time, that has a fervour and off as an adult. Sandrino, the protagonist of the book, is a model of the complex person, and is not so lucky, because around him there are adults equally complex. In my life I haven't had a normal path, I have had an original mother and a teacher like that... these people have taught me that what is most valuable is always to be oneself, not only in words. I never played with my peers, to me they seemed like idiots, I read and wrote, wrote and read. The teenage years have been full of these emotions and adventures, and the cinema has formed a key element. I saw the movie almost every day and especially yellow, have fascinated me, as well as mysteries. If there are mysteries, in fact, the stories don't interest me. In my stories not to find the common places, I was interested in the psyche of the characters, troubled, trying to build a relationship with an adult, which could lead to something wonderful or a disaster, the middle way does not interest me. I like the paranormal, the normal is boring, there are situations in my books that have to do with the vision.” The words of Raffo on “My father René”. “It was the first novel, written at 18 and a half years and in part reflects something real. The aunt and the grandfather are real. Sandrino, who has to live with a disease to the lungs, has an extraordinary intelligence, and is able to understand others. It is also the only one with the brains in a family unhinged: the mother has had in a meeting fun with this Rene that great, when you return to the life of the son, will again make his irresponsibility. Sandrino is equipped with sensitivity and intelligence, is one of these particular subjects, to which was given in destiny, the task of providing for a family, irresponsible. A test to overcome. Are strong themes of rebellion and of desire to escape. Growth that lasts until the last day of life passes through the powerful experiences, which are neither the sex nor the drugs. I'm not interested in writing about topics that we feel every day. The great writers have always talked about what love he dictated to him in. “When love inspires me, known,” citing Dante. Now the book is a means of consumption, such as a toothpaste. The literature is a deep need that was born from the ghosts of the writer. In the contemporary world find the size of them is almost a utopia. In my books there is almost always a situation dream, the loss of the light of reason that you can recover.” A writer Silvio Raffo, divided between prose and poetry, in which there is only the inspiration to be engraved in his writing that is, first and foremost, an opportunity to get to know each other better and deal with themes dear to his own life. So, between experiences and reflections, all that remains is to be transported in an adventure that deals with the unexpected, mysteries and so many questions to which, at least by adolescents, it is difficult to give an answer. Also, on these issues, develops the debut novel “My father René”.

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