Lucio Presta launches a broadside against Barbara d'urso and not only that: “lay Nun in sequins”


Published on Apr 01, 2020


Without hair on the tongue, with a long post on social, Lucio Presta, launches a broadside of those that leave their mark against Barbara d'urso. Hard times for the tv presenter after the episode of the Live-it is Not the d'urso aired Sunday evening, when the presenter launched into Eternal Rest live with Matteo Salvini.

The manger of vip, you do not revolt only against the presenter, who does not name, but it also asks how ever , as the eternal gloom that seems to be also in Mediaset ( it is not a mystery, for example, that even Maria de Filippi to digest a lot of his colleague), let no one say publicly anything. Then goes on to note that perhaps, if one were to follow his example, and then if the tv does not send clients for interviews, or hosted, it would give a very strong signal.

Thought of the morning-time of the Corona Virus:

the place that the horror television, which produces every day, every month, every year, the Lay nun in sequins (of course nothing to do with the Lay Sisters true that are examples to follow ) is now under the eyes of all, and then I would not go back to on topic, what I ask myself every day is: why a newspaper VIDEONEWS agree to put my Signature on so little and with so much horror? I know from many years men who are at the head of that newspaper, and indeed must, to people who write if they have the management of the afternoon on Channel 5 for many years now, since I am the one who asked for, and was granted by Mediaset to the passage from the management of TG5 to that of Videonews to meet new differences with CDR of Tg, then, during the conduction Perego, and I can prove that there are capable people that know how to do Tv, and then it is difficult to understand.

You could argue that maybe it's the Editor in person who want to wave this piece poorly digested even by the other Talents of the Mediaset channels, but knowing by now at least 15 to 20 years the current board and the property that I can say that I find it impossible to accept and to believe it too, because the style of PierSilvio is really in the other category.

The mystery then becomes thicker, because the Head, the cdr, the association of journalists etc allow this?

I do from time my part, and none of my assisted va guest by the Lady of the sequins and my part I think I have it made, now that the others do.

Or serves something or someone that there is a wave for this piece ? Silence means being complicit in such horror and personally I do not like to be.

Ah know.

In the meantime, the petition which invites us to gather signatures to suspend the programs of the d'urso, is continuing to have lots of adhesions. Over two hundred thousand signatures collected.

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