Lucifer 4: all the news of the new season by Netflix

Published on Oct 23, 2018

The fourth season of Lucifer will arrive on Netflix in 2019, that's all we know up to now on the new series. Lucifer: where were we

Lucifer is an american television series produced by Tom Kapinos. Recounts the life of the Devil (played by Tom Ellis) who, tired of being the master of the Underworld, she decided to move to Los Angeles and open a night club called “Lux”. After some years, he meets a detective, a young Choe Decker (Lauren German), and between the two is born to a particular report.

Despite the fact that he is being sincere with her, she does not believe a single word of Lucifer, but still the norm to be able to resolve the cases of the police with its special abilities. The three seasons broadcast so far have shown the family of the devil in various aspects: the mother, brothers, angels and enemies. The last episode has put Chloe in front of the truth and the girl was really upset.

Netflix has saved in extremis series that had been cancelled. In 2019 they will go out on the streaming platform 10 episodes and, today, we can have some anticipation of what will be transmitted. First of all, it will return the brother of Lucifer, the angel Amenadiel, played by the actor D. B. Woodside.

There is also talk of a possible pregnancy of one of the protagonists of the series. Who will it be? Definitely not Chloe, perhaps the psychologist Linda, who has had a own relationship with Amenadiel?

In the fourth season Lucifer will be introduced to some new characters. The most important is Eve, the wife of Adam who was made attempt by the Devil. Well, the Devil was Lucifer, and the beautiful Eva decides, after thousands of years of an unhappy marriage, returning to his true love. Also, it appears the little sister of Lucifer, and Ramiel, which scombussolerà again the dynamics of the heavenly family.

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