Lucca Comics and Games 2018: guests Valiant and BD Edizioni Star Comics


Published on Sep 17, 2018


The international guests that the publishing house will bring the festival of lucca are Trevor Hairsine, Jean-David Morvan and Ronan Toulhoat.

Trevor Hairsine

Talented artist English, after the debut in the first half of the Nineties, on "Judge Dredd Megazine" presents a number of stories for 2000 AD, then coming across the atlantic, in the world of american comics. He works with various publishers of comics, including DC Comics, BOOM! Studios and Marvel, from which he is appointed (in 2005), YOUNG GUN. For Valiant signature of the splendid mini-series, DIVINITY and ETERNITY, and lends his pencil to ARMOR HUNTERS: BLOODSHOT, the BOOK OF DEATH – THE FALL OF the VALIANT UNIVERSE, THE WARS OF the HARBINGER the no. 3, and X-O MANOWAR no. 3.

To celebrate the author at the fair will be presented the volume of ETERNITY, and the box collection DIVINITY. Trevor Hairsine will be available for signatures and sketches at the pavilion, SQUARE, STAR COMICS in the days and times that will be listed soon, as well as participate in other initiatives yet to be revealed.

Jean-David Morvan

Active since 1993, is one of the writers of comics most prolific and most famous, in Europe and in the world. He wrote comics of every type, for the main publishers in the market, the franco-belgian (Soleil, Glénat, Delcourt), collaborating with designers such as O. G. Boiscommun and Munuera, paying your own pen, among other things, to Marvel, WOLVERINE: SAUDADE (illustrated by Philippe Bouchet). With an eye always pointed to the east, he has worked with asian artists of great talent (on all, Kim Jung Gi, and Huang-Jia Wei). Adding to the screenwriter pure also a talent scout and curator, idea and directs (Patrice Louinet) for Glénat necklace-event CONAN THE CIMMERO (published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics), which he also wrote the first volume, THE QUEEN OF the BLACK COAST.

Ronan Toulhoat

Graphic designer, illustrator, storyboard artist and comic book artist, made his debut in 2010 (based on texts by Vincent Brugeas) with BLOCK 109 (Akileos), which is followed by even a spin off. Always in pairs with Brugeas create the label Vinwatt (whose first work is dated 2012), and realizes the series, the KING OF THE ROGUES (the first volume of which comes out in 2015, published in Italian by Edizioni Star Comics in December 2018), the great success of public and critics. In parallel, a new time series with Dargaud, in 2018 Toulhoat shows (always on the texts of Brugeas) BLACK COLOSSUS, one of the volumes of the series-event CONAN THE CIMMERO (Glénat, brought to Italy by Edizioni Star Comics).

The authors of CONAN THE CIMMERO will be present in the pavilion SQUARE, STAR COMICS for signatures and sketches, and will present the work during a special SHOW CASE soon we will be able to provide you with all the details.

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