Lucca Comics and Games 2017 – Cosplay Music Video of Justnerd!

Published on Nov 11, 2017

Justnerd back from Lucca Comics and Games in 2017 with a new Cosplay Music Video for all to dance!

Another edition of the Lucca Comics and Games has passed and, as always happens with events nerd the most important in Italy (well, the ones that we can reach at least) Justnerd has made a new Cosplay Music Video; that you can find just below, or on our YouTube channel (please subscribe there!).

Who already knows us from long time knows that we don't like to ride in Lucca (hundreds of photographers who come from the fot**you walls as soon as you stop, people are random to you the square in front of the camera to take a selfie, this kind of things) but this year there you put it in the middle of the bad weather that has prevented us from turning in our usual 3 days, reducing the shooting, only half a day of Saturday (the one with the sun).

Despite the adverse conditions we still managed to bring home also this year a cosplay music video fun (or at least so we hope), thanks above all to the patience and availability of the cosplayers who already follow us and all those we have met during the event. To you, as always, go the greatest thanks.

Before I leave you to your movie, remember that tomorrow we will be at the first edition of the Brixia Comics, where we're shooting a new movie. This is the last event of the year in which we will engage to record a CMV, then we will also us in vacation for a while.

If the video you liked, remember to mipiacciare, subscribe to the channel and... the usual things! See you in Lucca Comics 2018!

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