Lucca Comics & Games 2019: the news and the guests Edizioni BD & J-POP


Published on Oct 18, 2019


Editions BD, of course along with the labels J-POP, Manga and Editions Dentiblù, will be present at Lucca Comics & Games 2019 with the Stand J-POP Manga (NAP243-Hall Napoleon), Stand Edizioni BD & Editions Dentiblù (NAP-294 – Hall Napoleon), Stand Pokemon (RCJ 107 – Real Collegio – Lucca Junior) and Stand J-POP Games (Car 318 – Padiglione Carducci), with the latter label is dedicated to card games. The artists, Guests and special guest, will be 20 with more than 40 news and previews, the debut of J-POP, Games and lots of gadgets for everyone.

Following the list of the guests:

These, however, all the previews and news:

Perkeros JP Ahonen (a Guest at Lucca Comics & Games)

Akseli is determined to reach success with his metal band avant-garde. Do not stop the stress, which makes it stuttering, nor his girlfriend, who meditates or leave it. And even the new singer/pizza maker of the band, with his voice from an angel of Heaven, or the demons of the underworld that perhaps threaten his city... Before the Belzebubs, JP Ahonen has created another band to remember: the Perkeros that move between pentagrams and pentacles by exploding from the pages of the magical power, and terrible music!

The Widow White of Fran (Guest at Lucca Comics & Games)

A reality show dedicated to comic books: the idea outlandish, or stroke of genius? It seems that the answer
granted for a person with minimum common sense... but not for a television network
willing to do anything to raise ratings. In spite of the doubts that assail behind the scenes and the plots of the frosty “the President” of the network, the limelight will turn in an unexpected manner on a whimsical cartoonist and the on “the creature”, a fairy from the appearance of the far from reassuring. Among the mysteries the unexplained and tragic unforeseen circumstances, the staging of the show will become a theater of the absurd, populated by characters tragicomic: through the distorting lens of the media, what is most grotesque is our own daily lives.

The sacred/Profane Omnibus 2 Mirka Andolfo (a Guest at Lucca Comics & Games)

The collection of the second trilogy of the series, sweet & spicy, Mirka Andolfo! In there
lead you into temptation, In the name of the Father, and Deliver us from evil, Angelina and Damian will have to face all the challenges of a real family, and parenthood, all while continuing to keep alive the passion! Another elegant omnibus, like the previous one, also full of bonus content!

Zannengers: Ham Game Dentiblù (Stefano Bonfanti and Barbara Barbieri) (Guests at Lucca Comics & Games)

They are the heroes (with the stomachs) the most powerful of the Earth, a team well trained in the service of the most spietat... er, generous multinational of the multiverse! More or less. As always when there is Zannablù, contingencies, and disasters are not slow to strike, and this time will have as a target the superheroes that the world loves, but every so often they would also like to take a break...

Kill The Granny 2.0 – Volume 5 Francesca Mengozzi and Giovanni Marcora, we were Guests at the Lucca Comics & Games)

New chapter for the series that has gone where (almost) no feline has ever done before! The fight between Satan, God and the Great Old has left on the ground, little old ladies and fur balls, reserving destinies far more obscure deities. But is not over yet and the machinations of dark are ready to generate yet the chaos in the saga's most fun spaces to non-euclidean lovecraftiani!

Borgata Gordiani, Andrea Pancake (Guest at Lucca Comics & Games)

The winner of the LPC 2018, the young Andrew Pancake making his debut with a story that takes us to the outskirts of the Capital. A student-postman, with a parcel to be delivered in the village of the popular Gordiani, is to travel into the past, until the Rome of the Sixties, when Pier Paolo Pasolini chose between the inhabitants of the district the extras for the Beggar, and the possibility of a better life opened in the neighborhood. A dip in a part of the history of our Country is able to explain even what we are experiencing today.

Archie 6 by Mark Waid, Audrey Mok

Finally we are there: it is the time of the Spring Ball, the most important event for every
high school Riverdale! But all the couples in the city seem to be breaking out or about to do so, and the night threatens to be, at the least, embarrassing for all involved... Especially for
Archie, that is the past from the get a girl and-a-half to the total of a zero round and round round and round. Able to recover thanks to the support (to the music) of Josie & the Pussycats? In the last volume of the cycle of stories signed by superstar MARK WAID (Kingdom come, Black
Widow) all knots come to the comb into a whirlwind of events and emotions, thanks to the
pencils of the spectacular AUDREY MOK!

The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina 2 Aguirre-Sacasa, Hack

What are you willing to do for love? The response of Sabrina to this question is... no matter what! Harvey (or rather, “someone” who owns the body) has mysteriously come back to life, but for the half-witch, this happy event will be a source only of new trouble, the whole community of witches and his own family could want his head!
In addition, we discover the past of the cat Salem and the origins of the same Sabrina in the second
volume of the history that inspired the series Netflix

The Great Adventure of Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka

“A work of art enriched by the best technologies... the most advanced robots ever created!” In 1967, on the wave of the success of the animated series, Osamu Tezuka puts a hand on the manga of Astro Boy, with a precise aim: to bring back to the centre of all the themes and reflections that characterized the adventures of the lively boy robot with one hundred thousand horse-power. The result, between alien invasions and squares of life in the future, is a
a single volume in the history of the Atom/Tobio starts again from zero, a round-the-world in the sign of the struggle for equality and action. A perfect occasion to discover the character symbol of the God of Manga.

Denies Harada

Starting with the story of the childhood friends entangled in a triangle full of secrets in “A sea of regrets” and “Beneath the surface”, continuing with the charm, charmer of the shiny metal of the “Piercing hole” and with the atmospheres new age of “Restart” and ending with the tale told from the point of view of a girl “We're only secondary characters”, Harada gives us a series of stories that stand out for their approach to “negative” to life.

The Flowers of Evil by Kazuo Kamimura

“He who has a flower, you first must know that flower. Women are a flower, but they are also the vessel that contains it”. Keshinsai Hanayagi, the secret of the school ikebana Kurokami. In 1975 she released the magazine Manga Erotopia, The Flowers of Evil (Aku no hana), which is defined as a dramatic glimpse of the perversions of the human soul. The echoes literary as references to De Sade and Mishima are brillati and the partnership between the fantasy of Okazaki and the design of master Kamimura makes this manga one of the flagship titles for the magazine. In telling the tragedy of the aesthetic and social life of the protagonist, Sayuri, the authors concentrate to analyze impulses, and brutality sexual ever addressed by a publication for adults.

Oblivion and other stories by junji Ito

By junji Ito continues to play with forces that have nothing human, conspiring ten stories from a mix of our fears and madness. In the new volume of the anthology dedicated to the master of manga horror, modern nightmares of the citizens living with the horrors of the ancestral nested from time immemorial in our mind. Because you are never too old to be afraid of the dark...

Sword Art Online 12: Alicization Rising of Reki Kawahara and ABEC

Eugeo finally got to meet Alice, who, however, is no longer that of the times of the village of Rulid. She was, in fact, that she stopped Eugeo and Kirito to the infringement of the Index of Taboo, posing as a Knight of integrity. The two boys were then incarcerated in the dungeons of the Central Cathedral, the symbol of the Church axiomatic, but the inventiveness of the real world has allowed them to escape. The swordsman then receives the help of the Cardinal, a mysterious girl who has just realized that he is a human being came from the “outside”




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