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Published on Jul 18, 2019


SaldaPress and Lucca Comics & Games festival have announced the presence at the convention of Donny Cates and Daniel Warren Johnson, two of the authors of american's most popular and influential of the last years for the first time in Europe.

Thanks to his overflowing creativity and exceptional versatility with which he moved between independent comics and the mainstream, Donny Cates has been able to impose itself in a short time as one of the writers the most innovative and interesting of the comics industry us, publishing to Image Comics, the AfterShock Comics and Dark Horse until you get to Marvel Comics, who has given some of the titles and characters of the Marvel Universe quickly become a real cult.

SaldaPress he published in Italy two of its series the most original and unsettling: REDNECK, the series starred a family of vampires texans escape from the curse, (that is, produced by Skybound, the label of Robert Kirkman inside of Image Comics) and BABYTEETH, the series, sponsored by the AfterShock Comics that tells the story of a young girl struggling with the birth of a son, which for some people is the Antichrist, and for others, the new Savior.

And always for saldaPress and in the preview for Lucca Comics & Games, will also be released GHOST FLEET – THE CONVOY GHOST, an action-packed graphic novel produced by Image Comics and drawn out from another guest of LC&G 2019, Daniel Warren Johnson.

Daniel Warren Johnson, the american author whose sign and storytelling combine in an innovative way elements of the manga and of the tradition of muscle USA, saldaPress published last year EXTREMITY, an original mix between locations that are worthy of the best films of Studio Ghibli and suggestions that are breathtaking in the style of Mad Max. An unforgettable adventure that speaks of the need to survive in a pitiless world, and the importance of breaking the vicious circle of revenge. A history in two volumes produced by Skybound that Johnson's signature as the sole author.

And right here in Lucca, saldaPress will present this year's MURDER FALCON, the new project of Johnson for Skybound. A graphic novel mad genius, combining electric guitars, heavy-metal, giant monsters in the style of the kaiju, the friendship, the love and the value of life, elements that all together compose a modern fairy tale, the powerful but from the human heart.

Appointment then with Lucca Comics & Games 2019, scheduled from 30 October to 3 November 2019.

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