Lucca Comics & Games 2017: Robert Kirkman meets the public:"The Walking Dead, will still live for a long time"


Published on Nov 05, 2017


This Lucca Comics & Games 2017 was the issue of Robert Kirkman. The genius of Image Comics almost two decades ago with the release of the first issue of The Walking Dead revolutionized the comics industry in america is was a real bomb of energy and words during the event. Generous with the public, has often granted signatures, selfie, and exchanged words in the middle of the streets of lucca in addition, inside the stand of Saldapress.

Robert Kirkman during this Lucca Comics is a sort of man of the working class of the comics industry. To better analyze what he said, we have elaborated a summary of everything that has been said, proposed and analyzed during these five days of the event in its public meetings.

You have sources, the proletarian, as your membership in the working class influenced you?

I consider writing as going to the office. My father was a welder, so what I do does not seem so special, I Try to tell stories of the common people, not am I interested in elite, I prefer the hydraulic or the guys who deliver pizzas.

Soon to come is a series documentary on the history of comic books entitled Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics. What kind of goals you place in to achieve it?

The public often, also that of the readers of the comic, does not really know how were born the characters of the comics and who created them, so I wanted to do something to reach the mass. At the end are not of the stories so secret: there is one on the creator of Wonder Woman, a character absurd also the inventor of the machine of the truth, or things such as the fight of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to reclaim the rights to Superman from the Dc.


Robert Kirkman at the presentation of the documentary dedicated to The Walking Dead's “Journey so Far”

In January, the series of the Invincible close with the number 194. But in the meantime there is a work in progress, and you are also involved, right?

Absolutely. I am the producer of the film. It will be a story that will address lands never explored by the superhero genre, and there will be violence, god, how much there will be. However, even if the comic series will end Invincible will live on in some way.

You're developing several games, including the new chapter on The Walking Dead and one on Thief of Thieves. What can you tell us about that?

With The Walking Dead we're developing season four, will be full of surprises. We would like to make a video game on Invincible, but still nothing is certain. With regard to Thief of Thieves, we're working on something in continuity with the comics, it will be a chapter side, but readers will not lose pieces of the story.

With the number 175 of The Walking Dead will be the opening of the “New World Order”, which will mark a major change in the series.

This story excites me. I want to bring forward The Walking Dead for many years, so I don't want to upset things and bring about change. With the “New World Order”, we will introduce one or two characters to the number.

How did the idea to write The Walking Dead?

I'm a fan of George Romero, his movies have inspired me, I was, however, dissatisfied with the end, because at the cinema stories close after a couple of hours. I wanted to therefore create something that would not end so soon.

In December she will also be a new story arc of Outcast. How has this story compared to when you started writing it?

I want to surprise the audience, and then as a storyteller I always try that effect. I wanted to play with the stories of exorcism, and bringing them to something new. All of this has been fun, I hope that when readers arrive at the number 32 will have you wanting to come back and re-read the history to better understand some of the steps.

Robert Kirkman prints and plaster casts of his hands in the tile dedicated to him in the Walk of Fame of Lucca

To March, instead, will be released the Oblivion Song, a story of monsters made with Lorenzo De Happy. What kind of comic will it be?

The fact is that the monsters need to look cool, but most of all a sense. We need to understand why they exist and that they originally have. In this story we introduce monsters that animals are actually from another dimension. And Lorenzo helped me a lot in finding their size.

How did you discover Lorenzo De Happy?

I have a coworker who runs a lot on the internet to search for interesting artists. Lorenzo I discovered it several years ago, and since then I have continued to follow him constantly. Then after some time I decided to send him an email and from there it all started.

What are the monsters, which do you prefer?

The ones drawn by Jack Kirby, and then Predator, Gremlins, and Alien.

You have just made an agreement between Amazon and Skybound for the production of the tv series drawn by your comic right?

Yes, while the Universal for the production of the film. We want to play with the tv series and with the rhythms of a narrative, we want to take risks, and Amazon allows us to do this.

By the way: what differences do you find between writing for tv and writing for comics?

In the tv there is sound and movement, in the comics to make a dialog box that occupies more space within the story. When you insert a dialog box, in the cartoons you need to be more precise and hit immediately the target, by expressing in a quick and effective way what you want to communicate.

Lucca Comics & Games 2017: Robert Kirkman meets the public:"The Walking Dead, will still live for a long time" is




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