Luca Sacchi killed in Rome the two boys stopped to speak to a meeting to smoke ended bad


Published on Oct 25, 2019


Leaked new details from the interrogation of the two boys stopped in Rome for the murder of Luca Sacchi. The two boys, both roman residents in the district San Basilio, they would, in fact, revealed that this was not a robbery. As the two reported to the police, they would have to meet Luca Sacchi for an exchange. This seems to be their version of the facts, all to prove, and in contrast with the words of the only witness of this story ( and the video cameras in the area, then they could perhaps clarify, most other details). The girlfriend of Luke, in fact, he spoke of a robbery, he talked about two people ready to damaging it with a bat, the same people who then fired at Luke.

From the rooms of those who investigate come also other indiscretions. To denounce one of the two boys would be the father. The man would be presented by the forces of the order, together with his wife to tell what happened. He said: “My son has made a [email protected]” these are some of the indiscretions that leak out. On the Republic, instead, one reads that report one of the two guys would have been the brother accompanied to the police station for the mother.

Returning to the version of events issued by these two guys who would have been stopped and could be arrested and accused of murder, the story is different from the one told in the early hours.

Always on the the new reconstruction of the facts:

The two 21enni, that they already knew the Bags would have had an appointment with him that he wanted to buy the “smoke”. At that point, however, something went wrong, and one of the two, V D. G., a clean record 21 years of age, he would have opened fire, killing the 24-year-old.

The words of the two may be reflected in the mobile phones. If it is true that they knew Luke, and that they would have to meet him for an exchange, there are certain messages on the social or on the phone to prove it. All this of course does not justify what happened: from the fact that the two go around to peddle armed to the murder.

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