Luca Argentero always the most beautiful-called fashion rules, man


Published on Dec 04, 2019


Luca Argentero always the most beautiful-called fashion rules, man. The face of the brand Falconeri Luca Argentero is the protagonist of a series of shots set in the mountains wearing the trends of the collection Falconeri.

The alpine landscape enchants with its purity and uniqueness.
In this context, bucolic, and idyllic meet Luca Argentero, accompanied by the Superior Cashmere and natural yarns Falconeri. Cashmere merges with the four elements of nature, giving warmth and protection and creating of the games interwoven with the surrounding environment.

Nature creates suggestions and sensations timeless: the endless blue of the sky, the shy warmth of a ray of winter sun filtering between the trees and enhances the green shade of the moss, the material the irregularities of the rock at the heart of a glacier, the purity of the fresh water that flows from the springs.

Luca Argentero loves the models of Cashmere Ultralight is neck high crew neck, as well as those in cashmere Ultrasoft, warm even in the coldest temperatures.
That combines the practical jacket in wool tweed with a casual and sport.

Luca Argentero is fully man Falconeri, a lover of nature, and to the continuous research of a balance between bold style, clean lines and comfort. To wear all day.


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