Low blood pressure and sports, the complete guide


Published on Aug 12, 2017


The low pressure is a problem that afflicts many people. With the warm the symptoms tends to worsen or to show up even in subjects who do not normally suffer from it.
The body reacts to the increase in the external temperature: the sweating can bring the body to a slow dehydration which involves the lowering of the values of the blood pressure; vasodilation (increase in the size of the blood vessels) helps to decrease the pressure.
But it is possible to train even with low pressure? Let's start from the beginning, when we can talk about low pressure?

The blood pressure varies from subject to subject, but are established of values within which it can be considered normal for all. If your blood pressure is 120/70 and 140/90 mmHg you can be quiet. High blood pressure is definitely the more dangerous of low pressure and it is necessary to contact as soon as possible to a doctor.

However, when the pressure is low you can not even feel the symptoms. And, even in the case of low pressure symptomatic, typically there are no serious health problems.

Obviously this is a problem that must not be underestimated! The pressure is too low, and then you can talk to hypotension, when the maximum, i.e. the systolic blood pressure is less than 90 mmHg. When it comes down to the maximum pressure of a consequence also lowers the minimum, but in general, a minimum of less than 60 mmHg is also due to other factors. One among all of them, just to give one example, the stiffness of the arteries.

This table shows the generic parameters to consider. If the pressure is too high, the advice is to contact immediately a doctor.

It is less dangerous to have low blood pressure but if the pressure is too low for most times, consult a physician or a pharmacist.

The low pressure can also be asymptomatic, it would be a good habit to go every once in a pharmacy for a preventive control.

If you don't have in the house, you need to measure the pressure, how do you know if this is the case, go by your doctor or pharmacist to do an assessment? The council is always one of prudence, if you experience these symptoms is the case to do a check:

Especially in summer it is good to take a few steps to counteract the low pressure.

Those who practice regularly sport by associating it with a healthy and proper diet is almost always a pressure tend to be low. Probably not feel any symptom and is not the signal of a disease, but a state of well-being. It is true that, with the heat, you can start to see the classic signs: fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath... But this does not mean that you have to give up the sport, you just need to follow some tips:

If I were to incur a sudden drop in pressure and warn pallor, cold sweating, tachycardia, and dizziness sudden, lie down in a cool place, and bring the legs up. Wet your wrists and forehead with fresh water. In severe cases, do not hesitate to contact a doctor. There are also help natural can do a lot:


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