Love think you’ cast: Filippo Nigro, Marco Pellegrini

Published on Feb 12, 2017

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Friday, February 17 will be broadcast on Channel 5 the first episode of “Love think about you”, the new fiction Mediaset. We will be able to see the work of 4 families-unconventional, very different between them, but with dad's particularly active in the tasks of home management and education of the children. A sort of “mammo”. Among the protagonists of the drama we also find Filippo Nigro, who plays Marco Pellegrini. We continue to introduce you to the protagonists of the highly-anticipated fiction Mediaset, after having made known to us the character played by Fabio Troiano.

Too often, women are forced to sacrifice the career to follow the growth of children. Sometimes he can't even keep the place of work once you became pregnant. Only the man is allowed to concentrate fully on the work and on your career. But in the case of the Pellegrini family, the social conventions undergo a real tipping. Marco decides to do the household, leaving his wife Anna (Giulia Bevilacqua) to focus on his medical career. In this case, therefore, is the dad to give up work to devote herself to home and children.

Among the characters of the fiction “Love think about you” to Mark the Pilgrims is one of the most interesting. Dad model, excellent cook and impeccable cleaning, and seems to embody the type of ideal man. His choice to do the “household” is a choice convinced. But his certainties to undermine in the moment when the youngest daughter will go to school full-time, and the family seems to have less need of him. He will return to his old advertising job or will do it in the home? It will be useful to your family in a different way? The opportunity to engage in a part-time job could prove to be the best choice for him. In any case, we can only wait for the first episode of the tv drama “Love think about you”. The first episode is coming: will in fact air on 17 February on Channel 5!

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