Love think you’ cast: Fabio Troiano is Francesco Carofiglio

Published on Feb 12, 2017

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The next February 17 will broadcast the first episode of the tv drama “Love think about you“. In the fiction will see the stories of four families are very different among themselves, but sharing the role of their respective fathers, engaged in roles historically defined as “feminine”. One of the protagonists is Fabio Troiano, who plays Francesco Carofiglio

Fabio Troiano plays Francesco Carofiglio, the companion of Thomas (Forges Davanzati). The relationship between the two is very strong: Francis is a writer of soap, while Thomas is the fireman. His job leaves him little time to follow the small Star (Alessia Manicastri), grandson of Thomas, had been left orphaned. Francis, while not being the dad biological, becomes the father of the little girl. And grows as it was actually daughter of his, becoming probably over-protective.

Also same-sex relationships must cope with a long-standing problem that concerns all couples: the mother-in-law! In the case of Francis and Thomas, this is Tina, played by Giuliana De Sio. Tina, that is, the mother of Thomas, is a impicciona and want to put the beak on everything. But it is also his grandmother, a bit absent-minded and clumsy, making the relationship with Francis, is particularly sparkling. To tighten the relationship between the two there is also the fact that the small Star is the daughter of the daughter of Tina, who died prematurely, making the little girl an orphan.

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