Love think you’ cast: Emilio Solfrizzi is Luigi Cordaro

Published on Feb 12, 2017

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The next 17 February the fiction of Channel 5's “Love, think you“. We have already provided the first advances, giving you also some information on the main protagonists of the series. Now let's go to the discovery of Luigi Cordaro, the dad played by the likeable Emilio Solfrizzi.

Luigi Cordaro is a successful man, an entrepreneur who made if. She has three daughters, all of which he had with different women. It may be defined as an old-fashioned guy: according to him, the man brings the money home and the woman is the housewife. But something soon changed. His wife Gemma, played by Valentina Carnelutti, decides to go back to work. Louis must, therefore, deal with not only their child, but also of the other two daughters.

In a short time Luigi Cordaro, he or she will be a daddy model. Not only that, you will find fully at ease in the conduct of family life. But is going to get a very difficult time: the daughter, sixteen-year-old is pregnant. The situation can be explosive, but it will be a great opportunity to settle the relationship between father and daughter. To see Emilio Solfrizzi in the role of Luigi Cordaro there is a programme on Channel 5 next February 17 at 21.10.

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