Love think you, Carmine Go is Jacopo Snow

Published on Feb 16, 2017

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Friday 17 February 2017 will broadcast the first episode of the new fiction Mediaset “Love think about you“. The appointment for the tv viewers on Channel 5, at 21.10. We present now the dad of one of the families portrayed in fiction. This is the british actor Carmine Bear, that plays the role of Jacopo in The Snow.

Jacopo Snow is the prototype of the prince charming that all women would want as a husband. Charming, funny and with a brilliant football career. To fall into his arms is the beautiful Elena (Martina Stella) who will give him three children. Elena and Jacopo seems to be a perfect family: a beautiful young couple and three beautiful children. But the tale will not continue very much. The brilliant career of Jacopo will end because of his excesses, and will arrive at the terminus, too, his marriage with Elena.

The difficulties of Jacopo, The Snow will not end with the separation. You will have to bear the ex-wife he is having an affair with his old attorney. In addition, the children do not seem to excited to stay with their dad. But it will be the experience of fatherhood to revive Jacopo. All we can do is wait for the first episode of “the Love think about you”, which will air Friday, February 17 on Channel 5, at 21.10.

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