Love think about you the new fiction of Channel 5: previews, cast, plot, and latest news


Published on Jan 23, 2017


Aired these days on the main Mediaset channels, the promo of a new drama that is expected to air on Channel 5 soon. Let's talk about Love think about you to a new fiction of Channel 5. The series chronicles the vicissitudes of four-dad full-time which move in families where the traditional roles are dramatically reversed. It's a little bit that happens more and more often: the working mom and the dad that stays home to do the mammo, the father working and the mother-role, the dad divorced devfe prove to the wife to be a good father to his children. These are the stories that you tell in Love think about you but not only! Curious to know something more about the fiction of Channel 5? The cast is really excellent, we'll see if the story will be at the height! Here are the latest news and advances that reveal the cast of the drama and the plot.

Suspended in a perfect balance between comedy and realism, come to life the stories of four families. We will know then the family of Louis and Emma, the family of Marco and Anna; the family of Francis and Thomas and the family of Jacopo and Elena.

With Emilio Solfrizzi, Filippo Nigro, Carmine Go, Giulia Bevilacqua, Fabio Troiano, Valentina Carnelutti, Giulio Forges Davanzati, Margherita Vicario, Martina Stella, Benedetta Gargari, Emanuele Macone and with Giuliana De Sio in the role of Tina.

Director: Francesco Pavolini, Vincenzo Terracciano


THE FAMILY OF LOUIS AND EMMA-Louis and Gemma (Emilio Solfrizzi and Valentina Carnelutti) is the family relay race, one in which he has worked all his life and now is forced to be a dad for the first time, in spite of the three daughters.

THE FAMILY OF MARCO AND ANNA-Marco and Anna (Filippo Nigro and Giulia Bevilacqua) is the family upside down, in which man, who has put aside any ambition to devote himself to the role of “mother-role” full-time, now finds herself the pleasure of his profession by questioning the balance in the family.

THE FAMILY OF FRANCIS AND THOMAS, Francis and Tommaso (Fabio Troiano) and Giulio Forges Davanzati), instead, the pair made, consisting of a gay couple that is struggling with the growth of the granddaughter, and, above all, with Tina (Giuliana De Sio), a mother-in-law decidedly cumbersome.

THE FAMILY OF JACOPO AND ELENA-Finally, there is the “family dream”, that of Jacopo e Elena (Carmine Go and Martina Stella), the definition of ironic, however, from the moment that the couple is separated and struggling with the care of their children.


HOW MANY ARE THE EPISODES OF LOVE THINK ABOUT YOU? There are ten bets for the new fiction of Channel 5.

WHEN ANDRA’ IN ONDA LOVE THINK ABOUT YOU? At the moment, the date of airing has not yet been revealed by Channel 5. In a wave these days, the first promo that talking about a “coming soon”.




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