Love think about you’, advances from the fiction of Channel 5

Published on Feb 11, 2017

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The next February 17th will start on Channel 5 in the new fiction, “Love and think about you.“ Very interesting subtitle, “Four fathers for four families non-conventional”. And it is precisely the subtitle, to give us indications on the theme of fiction, focusing on stories of 4 families of non-conventional, with the typical problems of today's times.

It is a journey of four families in which fathers are called on to take up a role which many still define themselves as typically feminine. And all 4 have to do it in a different way, because they are deeply different are their families. We'll see in fact 4 types of families, we can summarized as follows: the family as the “upside-down”, the family “dream”, “family”, “family relay race”. To interpret the dad of these 4 households are (in order): Filippo Nigro, Carmine Go, Fabio Troiano, Emilio Solfrizzi.

The four families told in fiction, “Love and think about you“, while being different among them, have a point in common. Are the fathers to be in the position of having to look after the children and deal with household chores. And each one of them will fail in the enterprise, with different ways, but certainly effective. To see them at work we just have to wait until next February 17, when on Channel 5, at 21.10 airs the first episode. We shall soon find out all the key players, stay tuned!

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