Louis Manzo confirmed as the chairman of the Canottieri Luino. Renewal of company positions

Published on Apr 26, 2017

Last Friday the meeting of the members of the Canottieri Luino has confirmed Luigi Beef to the presidency for the period 2017-2020 and proceeded to the renewal of the social positions. Among the results achieved, initiatives, sports and tourism, relations with the institutions and projects with the schools, the leadership is working for the future of the company, currently, is one of the most prosperous of the territory and that brings around the world the name of the lake village. Louis Manzo confirmed as the chairman of the Canottieri Luino. Renewal of company positions. Closely with Beef, the guide of the fellowship rowing a yellow-blue for the fourth consecutive mandate, will be the vice-presidents Alessandro Ferraro (operating area) and Lorenzo Lissoni (technical area). The new additions to the Board of Directors are three. Dr. Ambrogio Bianchini, already the physician of the Cimberio basketball, serve in the role of contact in medical science, and will take care of all the projects, medical-scientific, in the course of activation with the ministry of Varese and with other public and private Institutions in order to use rowing as a tool for the detection and analysis of biomedical parameters for scientific purposes and as a therapeutic tool for physical and mental wellness of the individual. Dr. Angel Ferloni, physiotherapist, assumes the coordination of RowingLab, scientific working group, training and dissemination established inside the Rowing club, composed of seven specialists and doctors from various branches of medicine and physiotherapy. Fabrizio Vanetti will be responsible for the sector of the Master/Coastal Rowing events and oarsmen. The Canottieri Luino, as in the past four years, will be able to count on the expertise and passion of Grace Screening (secretary general), Michael Fieger (international relations), Adriano Giannini (events) and Rosy Spozio (schools and promotion). Leave the vice-presidency Titian Venturino, appointed Chairman of the Board of Arbitrators within which the figure Paul Buonfino that has deep experience in the tourism industry, having been for more than 50 years, major international tour operator. Paul Buonfino will provide the design support in the development of “sports tourism active” launched by the Rowing club in partnership with the Municipality of Luino and the chamber of COMMERCE of Varese. The technical staff was fully confirmed: under the supervision and the input of the vice president and coach tutor Lorenzo Lissoni, operate the DT Romeo Rota together with the technical Arianna Arioli, Vittorio Bolis, Marco Lissoni, Rosy Spozio, Paolo Zanini Emilio and Frascaroli. The Assembly also conferred the honor of Honorary Member of the lawyer Alberto Buonfino, a specialist in administrative law and professor of sports law at the University of Milan, following with special attention and professionalism in the life and activity of the Company. In the course of the meeting, the president of Beef, after having emphasized the great partnership recorded in 2016 with the institutional partners of the territory, as well as the long-awaited inauguration of the new headquarters and information booth, has summarized the competitive results obtained and, above all, highlighted the value of the promotional activity, the school with the project “Rowing at School”, tried and tested for years, reserved for the middle and high schools with the coordination and under the careful guidance of the technical company. 1097 students of 9 Institutions in the territory involved in the past year. To the attention of the Beef, also the development of the sector, Coastal Rowing, the success of the summer camp “Rowing Summer Camp” and the educational project shared with the Community Montana of the Piambello, which culminated with the purchase of an Eight-Philippi, the flagship of the rowing, aimed to the preparation of crews for the school that annually participate in the School Head of the River Race in London and at the Junior Sculling Head. The first great experience was completed with the participation of the two crews, and with so much enthusiasm and a load of emotions. The president of the Canottieri Luino has also reminded us of the synergy with the Chamber of Commerce of Varese in the framework of the project #DoYouLake? for the promotion of sport tourism active.

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