Lorenzin: “Serious misinformation to Report on the anti-Hpv vaccine”

Published on Apr 19, 2017

“Spread fear and advocating the thesis to be baseless and anti-science is an act of grave disinformation, and that is what he did Monday evening, the transmission of Rai 3 Report, dedicated to the vaccine against the Papillomavirus the first vaccine against cancer that mankind has managed to produce. A safe vaccine and very effective, unlike what has been done to say on public tv, without any contradictory”. So the minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, spoke on the broadcast Monday, in the field of pharmacovigilance and vaccination anti-Hpv. Lorenzin: “Serious misinformation to Report on the anti-Hpv vaccine”. “Report – continued the minister – has given space to theories with no scientific basis, instilling fear in relation to practice safe, effective and can save thousands of women from cancer is aggressive and often deadly. The greatest virologists in the world are stating that the scientific evidence shows an undeniable, such as the anti-Hpv is equipped with an excellent safety profile and exceptional effectiveness. This all happens while scientists and doctors from every part of the world, and while international and national institutions are engaged in a media campaign in favour of the public health, to respond to the false myths of the anti-vax, that exploit fear and ignorance to convince parents to give up the vaccines”. Speaking of “lies intolerable”, an example of “misinformation " severe” conveyed from the service to the public, physicians, representatives of health authorities, institutions and the scientific community. The Italian Society of virology (Siv-Isv) condemns the “statements disconcerting to some physicians, researchers and subjects vaccinated” aired during the episode. Giorgio Palù, president of the national society and of the European Society for Virology, remember that scientific evidence “clearly show how conclusive such as the Hpv vaccine has an excellent safety profile and a remarkable efficacy in reducing dramatically the incidence of Hpv infection and precancerous lesions in vaccinated. It is frankly incomprehensible, precisely in the moment when we are experiencing the resurgence of preventable diseases and eradicabili by vaccines such as measles and rubella (mmr) – observed the expert – on one hand, the State's commitments and its resources to support the vaccinations and to inform correctly the population, and on the other to fund with our money (tv license fee) a public service that puts you on the same floor as the scientific truth and the hypothesis the random”. It can generate fears groundless, pushing listeners to dangerous choices for their health and for the whole community”. Ricciardi: “We lacked only the Report”. “It's nice to finish the week began with antiscientificità @Montecitorio with suspicious factious @reportrai3 Living service the Italian public,” said on Twitter, Walter Ricciardi, president of the Institute of health. “While returning to fear diseases eradicated by decades, because of sorcerers from the web, and misinformation about vaccines, we were missing only #report”, writes on the social, the president of the Conference of the Regions and the governor of Emilia Romagna region, Stefano Bonaccini. On Facebook for the release of Roberto Burioni, virologist paladin of prophylaxis: “If a reporter harboring the opinions of a violent who claims that women should be beat up, would have on the consciousness of attempted corruption”, he observes. The human Papillomavirus Hpv “is the worst femminicida in circulation in our Country with the cancer that causes, in 2017 it will kill only in our Country 2900 women”. Then Monday evening, in a program broadcast on our public service, it is irresponsibly done something that promotes circulation in a similar killer. Spreading fear and telling lies is an act that is severe and intolerable. And’ abuse in a manner perverse to the freedom of opinion”, he attacks the doctor for whom “the Report gave space to the theories without scientific basis, to individuals without any authority, and has stirred expertly possible bribery and hypotheses are not confirmed to get an effect abominable: instill fear of a medical practice effective, safe and able to save thousands of women from an atrocious death”. Really look at the needs of those who suffer. Expresses disappointment with the secretary of Health, David Pharaoh. “Leave in peace those who suffer, look really to their interest and their needs. Attend to them, to alleviate their discomfort, help them to accept the disability. And’ the appeal – remember – which had launched just 4 days ago through my blog to those of you who find the courage to move forward with the battles that are manipulated and manipolanti against vaccines, against all scientific evidence. An appeal that had launched from the dad of Sara, even before that by the secretary of Health. Today I find myself having to admit that the campaign information that has been distorted has abandoned even the Network to reach the public tv. It is not acceptable that you play with the fears of the italians, putting the saloon, one of the main weapons we have against the onset of diseases and threatening to undermine years of work that brought them to the road of the eradication of some important diseases of the past”. The Report “has ignored systematically the important information provided by the Ema during an interview lasting almost two hours with the expert of the agency, dr. Enrica Alter. The resulting image of the vaccines can be negative for public health in Italy”. The european drug Agency, with headquarters in London and directed by the Italian Guido Rasi, comments on the transmission. The Hpv vaccines are “safe and effective”, grants the agency regulatory. Public health, a point of reference. “The public health affirm, by the authority of the Eu – is to the Ema the first and only point of reference”. For this reason, “we deplore the fact that, in the recent transmission of Rai 3, the Ema has not had the opportunity to reassure the more than 80 million girls and young women vaccinated against the human Papilloma virus (Hpv), presenting the scientific assessment regarding a potential association with two other syndromes, Pots (postural orthostatic tachycardia) and Cprs (complex regional pain syndrome)”. Analysis that has allowed to “exclude” a causal relationship with the Hpv vaccines. Now, “we are so worried, they say, by the Ema – to see that in the future there will be cases of young women who will not be vaccinated because of alarmism, unfounded, and will have to bear the syndromes described, and also go through the devastating experience of a cancer of the uterine cervix which could have been avoided”. The committee of the Ema to work. “The committee of the Ema responsible for the pharmacovigilance, the Prac – explained by the european medicines Agency has assessed in detail all available data, as published by independent researchers, those derived from clinical trials, and reports of patients. In addition, the Ema has convened and listened to experts in vaccines, cardiologists, neurologists and other disciplines able to contribute to the scientific discussion. The Prac has also listened to patients and their families who have reported their experiences. The data have been taken into consideration with seriousness and in a comprehensive manner, in a debate that has been going on for some months. In the scientific comparison is not always reached unanimity of opinion, such as was demonstrated by the initial presence of different points of view in the interpretation of the data. In this case, unanimity was reached, precisely because of the robustness and completeness of evidence assessed”. “The task of the Ema, stated the institution's regulatory Eu – is not to put into question the existence or less of the symptoms presented by the young people who have received, but to understand if any of these symptoms whether or not they are in connection with a treatment that the Ema has authorized and supervises”. Well, then, “the available data allow to exclude that the Hpv vaccines are the cause of these syndromes reported in some Countries”. “Rai-3, observed by the authority, stated that the evidence of the efficacy of these vaccines will only be available in twenty years.” “Already now, many important studies and extended and have demonstrated that the lesions, pre-cancers caused by Hpv are reduced by up to 90% in just a few years after the introduction of vaccines. These studies – concludes the Ema – show that the vaccines against Hpv are effective and safe”. (ADNKRONOS)

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