Loredana Bertè to True, new confessions on Mimi: “we have closed in the attic for a year”


Published on Dec 06, 2019


Will be aired tomorrow, December 7, 2019 a new episode of "True". What's going to happen in the program of Silvia University? Among the guests of the new installment of the program of Channel 5 will also be there to Loredana Bertè, who will return to talk about Mimi. Many of the revelations that the singer has done in the episode that has been recorded and that will air tomorrow. And there are advances related to this interview.

Even today, many years after the death of Mimì, the thought is constant. The rest Loredana told multiple times not to have ever passed the death of her sister Mia. “I feel a continual sorrow, I feel guilty. If I was closer maybe things would have been different. I do not pardon that you have not used the phone that she had given me us in touch,” he said in the living room of Silvia University the singer.

It is not the first time that She opens up and speaks about what happened with his sister, and especially after his death. Silvia University said: “With Mimì is dead, a part of me. When I am on stage I feel inside and do everything, even if I'm scared and I have panic attacks before leaving. Not breath, but I think of her and then I go out. After the end of the concert – adds – however, I feel like a better person, I feel I have given more than I could. I think that Mimi would have been proud of me.”

Let us not forget that Loredana has faced a long period in which he returned and had put aside the music. Then, however, things have changed and probably thanks to her passion for singing is reborn.

Returning to the past, She has told: “In our life we never celebrated the birthday, the celebrations were banned, even Christmas! To escape from the barrel, and the furious gales, which there were in the house, we went to Luna Park: for us it was the safest thing to do”.

And then an anecdote that he left Silvia without words: “I left school last year because it happened a misfortune: my sister Mimi was arrested for one joint that had put it in his pocket. Has done two years in prison. When it was released, before the process, we have hidden in the attic for a year.”

She continues to dream of his sister, he sees it always asks for a cigarette. And tells Silvia that every year, for her birthday, puts a cigarette in front of the photos for Mimì.

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