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Published on Jan 23, 2019


In this documentary, we find a retrospective of intense on the early years of the life of John Lennon, the vicissitudes of family, friendships and loves, but even the tragedies that shaped his personality and later his music. In this film there are memories of rare and unpublished works, along with interviews with some of its closest relatives, old childhood friends and colleagues.

It starts, therefore, from the first childhood of John Lennon, during the second world war in Liverpool, one of the british cities most affected by German bombing raids during the conflict. An absent father who works in the navy, and a mother not present as he was, puts it to his aunt Mimi and her husband, who will be as real parents to the young.

The guy will always feel not wanted, and pour it out on others his restlessness, arrogance, and violence, so much so that it will be taken as a negative model for all parents of boys of his school. In this documentary, makes us live perfectly, through the interviews of childhood friends, former band mates and educators all over the world where the musician grew up.

It also speaks of the Quarrymen, the band john Lennon's adolescent, with the training that dates back to 1956, with the stories of the former band members and the instruments made at home and used as a low-done with a box, a rope and a broomstick. Up to the meeting with Paul McCartney and George Harrison to become the the end of the world famous Beatles.

Great care has been given to the look of film and the general atmosphere of Looking for Lennon, which he donated to the visual aesthetics of the documentary, a great thickness.

On the other hand, the director of Looking for Lennon, Roger Appleton, was not a newbie, and was already known as a Get Back, a documentary in which he speaks of more than a thousand bands that have originated from the music scene of Liverpool, which of course included the Beatles.

One of the aspects perhaps the most interesting parts of this documentary is that, in addition to really feel the air of those years, the expectations, the disappointments of a young man of that era, all the events of her life have shaped her ideas, and then his music has inspired generations until today.

In this Italian edition of the documentary we find a decent dubbing in Italian, with subtitles, with the choice of the original language.

In conclusion, this is an issue for home video rather simple, both in packaging and in content, that allows us to deepen the knowledge of one of the most famous and influential of the twentieth century, but this time from the point of view of the strictly human, therefore being able to understand the issues he faced and the paths that have led to some choices.

Without a doubt, a documentary that is a must for every lover of the Beatles, and in particular the eccentric and charismatic frontman. Sin, however, is that this edition has a gap with regard to the additional content, practically non-existent, since there is only the trailer of the documentary.


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