London, erected the statues of Batman and Wonder Woman


Published on Mar 10, 2020


This year London celebrates the 350th anniversary of the Leicester Square, the famous square of the capital city that has hosted hundreds of premiere in its historic cinemas, the Odeon and the Empire, by accepting the stars and the monarchs. On the occasion of the event have been erected the statues of the most iconic symbols of film and could not miss of course the ones dedicated to the universe of superheroes.

So the fans were able to admire in all their glory the two symbols without the age of the world, DC Comics, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The Dark Knight was placed on a roof, so to look like in the comic books of the city, and to identify the threats, illuminated by the projection of the legendary Bat-Signal. The fair Rider of Temyschira breaks through the wall of a building, with all its grit, grasping the bright Lasso of Truth. Here are the photos posted in the Tweet the official DC Comics:

London must have its own Bat-Signal 🦇 Here's a look at the new Batman statues in London's Leicester Square 🇬🇧

— The Batman (@DCBatman) March 6, 2020

Looks like Wonder Woman's on an international mission 🙌 Get an up-close look at the new statues in London's Leicester Square 🇬🇧

— Wonder Woman (@DCWonderWoman) March 6, 2020

London, erected the statues of Batman and Wonder Woman is




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