Logan: in a cut scene, a reference to Sabretooth!

Published on Aug 16, 2017

In Logan was cut to a scene which featured a reference to his nemesis, Sabretooth!

One of the historical enemies of Wolverine has always been Victor Creed better known as Sabretooth. Appeared initially as a ‘simple’ serial killer in the late ’70s in Iron Fist, Creed later he got powers, super-human, becoming one of the main antagonists of the mutant canadian, establishing a relationship with him decidedly at odds.

Also in the dimension film, Sabretooth was one of the enemies of Wolverine. Appeared for the first time in X-Men, Bryan Synger is only in Wolverine: Origins that the character gets the most characterization, thanks to the interpretation of Liev Schreiber.

With Logan, the final chapter of the adventures of Wolverine, we expect also an appearance of Sabretooth, who has appeared. However, is pop-up a scene that was cut from the film in which it appears a clear reference to Victor Creed.

The scene shows one of the small mutants protected from Logan to ask him if Sabretooth was real, while holding a action figure of the Creed inspired by the design of the years ’90 of the character. In the film we know that Logan confessed to Laura (X-23), as seen in the comic books was not the reality, but in this scene, the version seems to be different!


Hugh Jackman had whetted the fans, while working on the film, wondering which scene they would like to see, and most of the responses asked for only one thing: a clash between Wolverine and Sabretooth! Liev Schrieber had also shot a scene with a cameo in Logan, but later on it has been cut (as Jean Grey); the idea was to show that Logan, Xavier and Laura arrive in a city where they would have sought the help of Sabretooth.

In a recent interview with Variety , Schrieber spoke of this, her absence in Logan:

“There was a call initially to take part in the film by Hugh and James (Manigold, director, editor's note), and I would have loved to work with them. But it was difficult given the maturity with Ray Donovan (tv series with Schrieber in the role of the protagonist, Ed), I think we have decided to take another direction with the story”

The scene pop-up recently is a small tribute to the difficult relationship that has linked the Wolverine to Sabretooth, and it is right that it appears in the final film dedicated to the mutant canadian! Don't miss the home edition video of Logan, including the special editions!

Source: Screen Geek


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